The street fighting alternative

So, yeah, I ended up not taking Street Fighter IV home, because I just don’t have any interest in playing a fighting game — however good, lovely, and thoughtfully crafted it may be. But I did my fan duty by picking up a Chun-Li Revoltech figure. Does that count for something?

Sorry it’s a bit out of focus; iPhones are allergic to macro photography. Also, the robot isn’t mine.

Bonus points if you recognize the pose here. (Solution after the jump.)


12 thoughts on “The street fighting alternative

  1. I was going to say Chun Li’s heavy jumping kick from Street Fighter II, but oh well!

    Ever notice how nearly all the original cast was purged from the sequel? I think only Ken, Ryu, and Sagat remained from the previous game. Some of the oldies have returned to the cast (Eagle rules!), but we still have yet to see generic American martial artist Joe or equally generic Japanese ninja Geki or that old Chinese guy who looks like Regis Philbin in a recent Street Fighter game.

  2. Original Street Fighter Ryu looks a little like Marco from Metal Slug in that picture. Come to think of it, the prisoners started throwing hadokens at some point. Coincidence?

  3. Do I spy the Musha Aleste from the Shooting Historica Collection?
    Ah, that must be why you state it’s not yours. =)

  4. Ughh… when I saw that “16shot” in the background all I could think about was bukkake :(

  5. No, Rey. You have collectively made us sadder for saying that. The sad face there is for and from all of us.

  6. The “16shot” guy is the guy who appeared in the Star Force episode of Gamecenter CX to show how quickly he could tap a Famicom button, right?

  7. @Johnny: Yup, that’s Takahashi Meijin. He appears to be the special guest referee.

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