A new blog draws near! Command?

So! We’ve just launched a new blog at 1UP. My plan is to kick off a new one every other week until…well, probably until I keel over and die. I have high hopes for this one, though; while Retronauts is definitely my baby, I really like the concept of an all-inclusive RPG site that doesn’t limit itself to just Japanese or MMO or PC or tabletop RPGs. The boundaries between all the different formats of RPGs have grown thinner through the years to the point where the better class of role-playing game incorporates the best of all styles. (Certainly that’s what the team behind The Last Remnant was shooting for, even if they didn’t quite pull it off.) My ultimate goal with The Grind is to bring all these different expressions of the RPG genre together and highlight their similarities and connections. A noble goal, eh? Here’s hoping it works out.

Speaking of Retronauts, new podcast.

20 thoughts on “A new blog draws near! Command?

  1. Remember how we were all amazed at the lack of news comment bile in the Retronauts blog? It seems this new blog is not as lucky. People are already fighting over whether Final Fantasy XII was awesome or terrible. Ah well. It’s cool, especially that hack Ray posted. I can’t wait to see what’s there in the coming days!

  2. Oh, good, more content to read! My gaming backlog wasn’t long enough, so I needed something else to wish I had time to do.

    But seriously, I’ve been enjoying all the new 1UP blogs, and I’ll enjoy keeping an eye on this one, as well.

  3. Retronauts, iPhone, and now RPGs, and there are more coming… Any hints on what other topics your superblogs are going to cover?

  4. Er.. you plan to start a new blog every two weeks until your untimely death? That seems excessive.

  5. Uh…huh.

    Anyway, let me throw my hat into the “I think The Grind is an awesome name” pile, too. As my interest in the genre has been rekindled the last couple of years, I’m looking forward to this.

  6. I’m glad people like “The Grind.” Simon Cox was trying to get us to name it “Axe of the Blood God.”

  7. “The Grind” makes me think of a WoW machinima series that was called the same thing. Fortunately, said series was freakin’ awesome so that’s not really a bad thing.

  8. You mean the RSS feed that can be accessed by clicking the orange button at the top of the blog? The button that says RSS? We’ll get right to work on that.

  9. Dumb question: will articles about older RPGs be put in both the ‘Retronauts’ and ‘The Grind’ blogs or placed in whichever is deemed more relevant?

  10. In the event of overlap (which will inevitably happen as we launch more blogs) articles will be posted in the venue that best suits the main thesis of the article. For instance, I talked about the new Dragon Quest V trailer in The Grind even though the core game is a blazillion years old, because it wasn’t really focused on the game’s past.

  11. Just to nitpick about the podcast:

    “Musha” and “Musya” are the same word, which means “warrior”. “Musya” is just a kind of old-fashioned silly way of transliterating it.

  12. Yes, I know. So what is your point? M.U.S.H.A. was a Genesis game, Musya was a Super NES game. Those are their English titles.

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