Final Fantasy XIII just got awesome

Because now Bob Ross is a playable character. This is gonna be way better than that Wii painting game he was planning to star in.

34 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII just got awesome

  1. Why did you have to bring up that Bob Ross Wii game? I still haven’t recovered from it’s cancellation. . .

  2. My favorite part is how much he just looks like a real-world guy who found a crazy Final Fantasy wardrobe somewhere.

  3. You don’t understand, you just ruined Final Fantasy XIII for me. Bob Ross is my nemesis, the yin to my yang, my antithesis. What has been seen here cannot been unseen, Bob Ross is in this game. I must hope he is an antagonist or I will be overcome with a ludicrous rage and inexplicable fear. If he says a tiny shrub will be “our little secret,” I’ll cut myself.

  4. Please be voiced by Samuel L Jackson or Morgan Freeman. Please be voiced by Samuel L Jackson or Morgan Freeman.

  5. The best part: In the full scan of this image, it says that his afro is a nest for baby chocobos.

    No, serioiusly.

  6. I’ve seen a few comments around the internets to the effect of “Barret is rolling in his grave”, to which my response was, “Barret’s dead?”

    It seems every Final Fantasy has at least one totally awesome playable character, and now FFXIII apparently has its. Still not planning to play it, though.

  7. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    YES. I really hope he has a prominent role, because the FF crew always needs a dose of reality.

  8. @Hero: It does say that he will be one of the first party members in the game . . . but it also says that his afro is a chocobo nest, so I don’t think this will provide the dose of reality you are looking for.

  9. I can’t believe no one has asked the most important question: Will the game also be full of happy, little trees?

  10. You know, I like him. He doesn’t appear to be a violent and cruel character to appeal to my Western tastes, though. Was that a mistake on Square Enix’s part?

  11. I hope he talks like JJ from Good Times. “Happy little chocobos are DY-NO-MITE!!!”


  12. Are you sure this is a screenshot from a Final Fantasy game and not a photo from a circa-1977 Japanese music magazine article about the Commodores?

  13. This excites me to no end.

    Also, who knew baby chocobos were so small? I always figured they were much bigger at birth…

  14. Honestly, I thought it was looking pretty good before, but when you throw a suave black man into a Japanese videogame, great things are guaranteed.

  15. Sahz (that’s the transliteration I’m sticking to) somehow reminds me of a mix between Dolemite and Ben Vereen.

    Actually, I hope he’s a White Mage. Just to confuse things more.

  16. I’m really proud of Nomura this time around. He’s not coating his characters from head to toe with zippers and trinkets. It must be REALLY hard for him to fight off the urge.

  17. I like that he looks like an actual human being, as opposed to an androgynous forest sprite like most Final Fantasy characters. He’s also supposed to be the sensitive type, at least according to a report on Wikipedia. That’s a nice contrast to the way black people are typically portrayed in video games.

  18. “YES. I really hope he has a prominent role, because the FF crew always needs a dose of reality.”
    “His afro is a nest for baby chocobos.”


  19. He looks like a normal guy, he’s wearing a bitchin’ frock coat, and he’s got a hoard of l’il baby chocobo chicks at his disposal.


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