The gift that keeps on rocking

Looking back, I could make the case that the holidays were a hassle. I had to move from an apartment into a new house, drive for hours in sub-freezing temperatures with the the windows down on account of a carbon monoxide leak, meet my future in-laws, navigate a newly two-household family, travel a cumulative 31 hours, and wrestle with three different wireless networks. That would be stupid though, since my girlfriend got me the following for Christmas:


Yep, it’s one of those Rock Band “Bandmates” figurine things. My Rock Band character’s resemblance to myself is stunning (most prefer to use the term “creepy”) right down to body language. I own that shirt and everything. So I basically have a custom made action figure of myself. Do you have one of those? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

And yes, I play bass on Rock Band. Sue me.

Edit: People (or at least Bergasa down there) want a comparison pic. Fine: I’ll overcome my crippling phobia of putting pictures of myself online.


9 thoughts on “The gift that keeps on rocking

  1. haha. that right there – yer own real life action figure – is the realization of an entire boyhood spent playing with G.I.Joes. kudos to yer gal pal.

  2. Those figures look fragile to me in every picture I’ve seen; like they’re made of styrofoam and might chip, scratch, or break easily. What are they like in real life?

  3. I can’t speak to the BandMates, but the WoW FigurePrints use a similar process, and within its hermetically sealed case it looks to be about as strong as a large pewter wargaming figure that’s been pinned as well as glued. Definitely keep them on a shelf, but they shouldn’t be in danger for the most part.

  4. Seems strong enough. They’re some sort of ceramic, and I’ve put some weight on the bass neck and to test the strength. If your rock band character has stuff like a spike mohawk or clothing with a lot of protrusions on it it might be a problem, but I’m not worrying about mine.

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