I’m finishing up the processing work for the the latest episode of Retronauts, so that should be online in about an hour. It’s good to have a little continuity with the way things were before — in fact, this episode really does represent the way things were before, having been recorded the afternoon before the buyout. Shane even contemplates the possibility of working at GameStop if things go south, job-wise. Sigh.

On a totally different note, my sister has expanded her repertoire of video game Shrinky-Dinks to span well beyond the Katamari cousins, Cactuar and Nekopan she’s given me over the past few years. Apparently she’s converting the entire Final Fantasy XII bestiary into pin form and chronicling it on her site. I keep telling her she could become filthy rich making these things, but I guess she’s just too dang noble for such mercenary behavior.

18 thoughts on “Continuity

  1. The events of this last week have shook up a lot of people, readers and staff alike. But I think I can talk for a lot of people by saying as long as the Retronauts keep playing, we’ll keep giving 1UP loyal traffic.

  2. I keep suggesting etsy and she’s all like “more like meh-tsy! lol!” Well, OK, not really.

  3. Silly rabbit! I’m not doing the entire Final Fantasy XII bestiary … just some of the fun smallish ones, until I get bored or distracted by something else. And since I’ve given myself the ridiculous task of making one a day for the span on 2009, I’ll probably end up selling or auctioning them all off at the end of the year. Possibly in bulk. But I’m not ready to think that far ahead. I’m only 9 days in and it still seems kind of daunting.

  4. You know those sappy romance movies where the main character’s love interest dies and they later on find a videotape of an old party or some date and the main character remembers the good times?

    This episode of Retronauts is that old videotape, and Shane is my lost love interest. :

  5. Man, I hope they didn’t fire Chris Kohler from 1up. He couldn’t be on the podcast then.

  6. I’d buy something just to support y’all even though I’ve never even played Final Fantasy XII. A little Moogle or Cactuar pin would be awesome. Maybe some Chocobo?

  7. @Merus
    Chris Kohler works at Wired. Just like John on 1UP Yours stopped working at 1UP/EGM in the fall of ’07 but stayed on the podcast.

    Is Retronauts included in the “all video and audio from 1UP is cancelled”? If so, any chance it will continue on some other site?

  8. Wonderful, eerie final “regulars” episode. Great nostalgia inspiring discussion of 1988! The Roberta Williams weirdness mid-episode made me spray beer all over my laptop with laughter.

    Whatever the future of the podcast, serious thanks and appreciation to all the retronauts until now, and you in particular, Jeremy for producing a show I always looked forward to, laughed a lot at, and learned a ton from! (I’ve got a huge list of random titles you guys brought up that I plan on hunting down some day)

    It was fine, fine work, and a great listen. thanks, and bow bow.

  9. I think Sam Kennedy said Retronauts was spared the ax. Whether it’ll stay the same remains to be seen, but here’s hoping. I usually listen to these at work, but have been too depressed on the matter to do so these past few days. Hopefully taking in this new ep will make it easier to digest.

  10. Retronauts forever :D

    Add a subscription fee to the podcast. Throw in one ad every 5 minutes. I’ll still freaking listen!

  11. Just one more vote confirming that the FFXII shrinky-dinks are about the most adorable thing ever. And yes, I’d buy some, though I understand setting up to sell stuff can be kind of a hassle. Lord knows I have things sitting around I should’ve ebay’ed years ago.

  12. Fun fact: The horrible Phantasy Star 4 artwork (and the even worse artwork from 2 for that matter) were not in fact the result of some lame weirdo copying Boris Vallejo illustrations. They’re actually fully authentic lame Boris Vallejo illustrations.

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