Going postal

And the first customized hardcover copy of GameSpite Year One, Vol. 1 is complete and ready to hit the mail for one Kurt Adam, who was the first to plop down his filthy blood money to transform webpages into physical printed matter. By request: a very literal Retronaut, and one with very little fear of explosive decompression. This one should be bounding its way slowly through 1/6 earth-standard gravity to the post office tomorrow morning. Only 30-something to go.

Covering Macworld Expo is going to make a mess of my week, but I should be sending out quite a few of these in the coming days. Oh, and the Internet-based, new-content-providing aspect of GameSpite will be resuming its normal routine very soon.

7 thoughts on “Going postal

  1. Hi Jeremy. After seeing the picture, I noticed I didn´t tell you what drawing I wanted in my hardcover – maybe you´d want to do something Valkyria Chronicl-y?

  2. It amuses me to see that the hardcover books look roughly the same size/length as a church hymnal book, which I guess is rather appropriate.

    Like I said before, I think I forgot to request a specific doodle too, so feel free to take it easy on yourself and draw whatever strikes you at the moment – maybe your favorite videogame underling monster/enemy, or Toasty Frog’s head spouting something unintelligible in Japanese. And again, thanks for undertaking such a cool little project, Jeremy.

  3. Wow! I can’t quite make out what Toasty’s saying to the dismayed-looking guy in the lower panel…

    I realize I’m a little late to the party, but I think it must be a requirement that Texas water be horrible. Amarillo water has ridiculously high salinity, Waco water has blue-green algae in it and possibly cow poop, and Arlington water has traces of pharmaceuticals.

  4. I’m good with a random doodle too. Or maybe get all meta and draw your hand cramping up after doing all of these great drawings! The books really look fantastic, I can’t wait to get mine.

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