Add to Queue 71: Overdosed on eggnog edition

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Sort of an interesting week for the format, I suppose. (Could I equivocate any more? Maybe!) I actually am pretty excited about Serenity, but since I’ve already had a column all about Serenity when the film was rereleased on DVD earlier this year, it’d be redundant to go over all of it again. (And since Firefly recently hit BD, you’re probably sick of my fangirlish squealing about Joss Whedon’s fantastic space-western).
I did see Eagle Eye, as I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Shia Lebouf fan (and have been since I saw him in the fantastic Holes); I thought the movie was decent. The premise is overly worn, as it deals with what happens when all the surveillance and lack of privacy in our digitally connected age is misused by someone with access to everything that has ever been seen by a camera or logged into a computer. Lebouf and a female costar are roped into a government conspiracy they don’t understand by an unseen woman who can track their every move and control any machine connected to the internet. The first half of the movie plays is almost exactly like the movie I saw in my head when I viewed the trailer for the Will Smith vehicle Enemy of the State (a movie I haven’t seen, but which I feel like I have). The second half (slight spoiler alert)… well, let’s just say that the cake is, in fact, a lie.

If you’re feeling really excited about the Resident Evil franchise as the release date for Resident Evil 5 gets closer, you might cure that excitement with a viewing of the CG movie. If you really dug the story in Dead Space, Event Horizon explores similar religious-horror territory in an isolated space ship. (A better comparison would be Hellraiser in space, except they made that movie and it was terrrrrrible.)

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5 thoughts on “Add to Queue 71: Overdosed on eggnog edition

  1. Event Horizon scared the begeezus out of me when I saw it back in high school, but I’m not sure it would have the same power over me now. Having not seen Hellraiser, I think of it as The Shining in space.

    Bonus: it has the most realistic person-in-space scene I’ve seen in a movie.

  2. Having seen Event Horizon for the first time pretty recently, I can say it’s still plenty creepy even if you’re older. Could’ve used MORE, though; shame about all the lost cut footage. I’d love to see a director’s cut.

  3. All I know about Eagle Eye is how in the commercial the female sidekick asks “What if this is designed to distract us from something 50 times bigger?”. I then vowed never to see it.

  4. I used to love my ass some Truman Show. I owned the special widescreen VHS, which I had to order from CDnow or or something. This was when DVD’s were still a boutique fantasy format that didn’t seem like it would ever reach ubiquity… kind of like Blu-Ray right now.

  5. I’d be more excited over Serenity if I didn’t already own it on DVD, DVD Collector’s Edition & HD-DVD… doh! ;)

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