The 2008 review revue, interlude

I played Etrian Odyssey II earlier this year, but it was a rushed and incomplete experience. So before I can reevaluate it, I gotta play through it again, you know?

Yes, this is just an excuse to replay an awesome game. So sue me.

2 thoughts on “The 2008 review revue, interlude

  1. I finished EO1 much later than most of the people around these parts, but if my pace was lackadaisical, my enjoyment was full-bodied.

    I’m currently doing the same thing with EO2, playing it for brief 35-ish minute segments at lunch every day. Is there a more fantastic way to spend your lunch hour? I daresay there is not.

  2. I finished EO1 and EO2, I like the environments and overall story of EO1 a lot more than 2.As a fan of hard rpgs and good design, EO as a whole is like heaven to me even though I never played any of the Wizardry games.My EO fandom has gone to me buying the pvc figures of the Ronnin and Paladin class which I love a lot.

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