The books have been ordered

And, somehow, they’ve ended up being a barely break-even proposition for me. After I ship them out, I’m probably going to end up losing a little cash. Not quite sure how that happened, but I’ll need to rethink my approach to future volumes so they’re not quite so financially tenuous. In retrospect, I probably should have just had the publisher do direct mailings to buyers, but I had this silly notion of a personal touch or some such.

Anyway, it looks like they won’t quite make Christmas despite my best efforts; apparently the publisher prints large quantities more slowly than single books. So that’s annoying. But at least I have New Year’s plans now!

Also, I wrote a follow-up to yesterday’s post over at 1UP. Brace yourself for pure crotchetiness! Also, I found out yesterday that my title has been transmuted from — I believe — “Senior Editor, Expanded Content” to “Executive Editor, Blogs.” So I guess you can expect a lot more of this sort of thing, among others.

23 thoughts on “The books have been ordered

  1. I’ll say something here that I won’t say over on 1up: is it just me, or are several of the _comments_ on that blog entry completely incomprehensible? Did I forget to mark my calendar for National Incoherence Day?

    And incidentally, I’d happily pay a little bit more for a copy of the book next time around, so…

  2. Sad!

    About the barely breaking even, but also the loss of the very vague ‘expanded content’ title.

  3. Nah, the books are priced right. I need to figure out how to trim the fat on my end and make things cheaper. PayPal’s rapacious fees definitely don’t help….

  4. I haven’t ordered my book yet, so feel free to add a couple of bucks to future orders of Vol. 1. I completely understand your troubles since I think I hose myself on shipping ebay sales at least half of the time.

    Now I’m off to read all this 1up drama I avoided yesterday.

  5. Will you still be taking orders for a bit? I really want one but should wait till I get paid on monday.

  6. This is because you actually paid your writers. Have you learned nothing from comics history sir!?

  7. I work, like, one BART stop away from you. If shipping/Paypal’s rates are cutting into your pie, let me save you a slice and give it to you in person.

    As for your 1up blog: obviously I agree, but now I’m just hoping your powers come through and grant your wish at the end.

  8. Man, sorry for taking your money by ordering your book.

    Also, read your expanded follow-up post. I found myself agreeing with more of your points, now that they’re more fully fleshed-out. And yes, fair enough about blog posts being off-the-cuff. Your point about GTA’s story contradicting the gameplay (Niko’s remorse is invalidated by his constant remorseless killing) is completely valid, but then again, the narrative in most story-driven games is undermined by the gameplay. I mean, at some base level, repeatedly killing bunnies or slimes or angry flowers undermines the melodramatic eschatological narratives of every JRPG.

    Obviously video game developers need to make huge narrative concessions out of necessity. Maybe the concessions are more glaring in a game like GTA because it more closely approximates the real world — it just feels weird to run someone over or take their wallet without legal or moral repercussion.

  9. It’s hard to judge how much you’ll need to charge to break even without sounding greedy upfront. People don’t realize this stuff is expensive! I don’t know how much money we lost on Game Time issues and we promised people 15. I still have 6 to do… eventually…

  10. I’m sure my antipodean mailing address didn’t help much either… sure it costs more than three bucks to ship to Australia? Actually.. if it helps I have a mate in Seattle (who you may know a bit actually..) who can receive it for me if that’ll make your life easier.. and let you eat this week..

  11. I just recently learned the pains of having your work published and bound. I’ve never thought making a thesis would be so difficult, so I can somewhat understand your problems. Also, finally decided to plop down the cash for a copy of Gamespite vol. 1, although I wished the hardcover edition is still available.

    Concerning paypal, would it be cheaper to use Google Checkout? A cursory look at the fees makes it somewhat cheaper, even if you don’t use their advertising.

  12. If it’s any help, I’d gladly pony up for the appropriate shipping note if need be. God knows I pay more than three bucks for Amazon shipments.

    Of course, it’s possible you might find it distasteful to increase the shipping after the fact; in which case, I’ll just run along and set my mind at ease via the subscription options.

  13. I agree with the previous commentors. $25 for the book plus $5 for shipping isn’t an unreasonable price for a limited printing of a 350 page book.

  14. Yeah, I’m planning to order a book after Christmas, and I would gladly pay more for shipping if it makes it more profitable.

  15. It made me sad to hear that you’re barely breaking even. I was under the impression that this book was doing really well (certainly better than your expectations).

    And to be perfectly honest, I liked the 1up article. I feel like that’s kind of what GameSpite is all about, and why I love it. Things here are kind of subversive and iconoclastic, and I feel like that’s in line with what I care about. I care more about art direction than polygons. I want to see more hardcore games on Wii and more casual games on the 360 and PS3 (e.g. The Conduit and Buzz!). And having the DQ series on DS/Wii and the next FF on PS3/360 makes perfect sense to me. *shrug* Not that this has much to do with the majority of your article, but I like it when you go out on a limb and do something as audacious as having your own opinion. :D

  16. Eh, the money thing isn’t that big a deal. It’s a learning process. Next time I’ll go about things differently and come out a little better. At least I can feel good about not ripping people off with the pricing, yeah?

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