Is it Christmas already?

Apparently so! My proof of GameSpite Year One, Vol. 1 arrived today. The cover’s a little screwed up, so I’m tweaking it tonight and placing the big order tomorrow. Hopefully the printed copies will be to me in time to go out before Christmas. Cross your fingers and stuff. Because besides the cover, it’s completely friggin’ awesome.


18 thoughts on “Is it Christmas already?

  1. I was wondering about that – did the last fifth of the cover text get cropped off? Regardless, can’t wait for this thing myself.

  2. Yeah, the cover was cropped more tightly than I had been led to believe, so the text ended up bleeding off the page.

  3. Stupid question, but who are you using to print copies of this thing? I’ve got some cartoonist buddies who’ve hard a hard time getting as much as a pricing quote out of some printers recently, much less proofs in their hands less than two weeks before Christmas.

  4. It’s not that big. I have a small thumb. Seriously.

    Printing is provided by So long as your cartoonist friends don’t need full color they can get printing done pretty cheaply. I figured $25 was a bit steep for the book, but in fact it’s right about in line with what Doublejump asks for their strategy guides (though admittedly just black and white).

  5. Thanks for the info, Jeremy. I know one person who wants to print and color and another in black and white, so maybe at least one of them might be able to hit up for some books. How many in-book doodles are you going to have to crank out between now and Christmas, though? OH THE CURSE OF SUCCESS.

  6. Man, looking at that makes me wish I’d ordered the hardcover version, even though I know my wallet would regret it in the future. Still, it’s going to be awesome. Reading this will probably be my largest consumption of gaming knowledge since I read “High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games” about five years ago.

  7. I know I’m going to have to wait till after Christmas for my copy (since I was one of the later hardcover orders), but I’m sure now that the hardcover was the way to go!

  8. I added the book to my Christmas list using Amazon’s universal wish list. Hopefully I’ll get it!

  9. I always forget to check the site, but I’m glad I did today. Discovering a book written by Parish (and those he thinks write well) about video games? I’m sold.

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