20 thoughts on “Now I’m playing with power

  1. I was upset when I found that the zapper doesn’t work with my LCD TV… and I’ve no room in my tiny place for a CRT as well. Maybe if I crank the brightness on it…

  2. Nope. I have an adapter and just about broke my system trying to get it inserted…and then it didn’t work right. Less trouble (and fewer cuts) to own a second system.

    Also, a Zapper won’t work with an LCD screen no matter what. Light guns are designed to read the light beam and scanlines unique to CRTs, and it’s impossible to fake that. Me, I don’t care about light gun games, really, so I don’t care much.

  3. I gave up my NES (among other things) to get a GameCube…huge mistake.

    I still have the Genesis though…and TWO games I could not part with (Castlevania Bloodlines, Super Castlevania 4), but I have no controllers for it, nor anything to hook it up with.

  4. I think I’ve seen one, maybe two, NES systems in my lifetime. I grew up with an Amiga, and several of my friends had Sega systems.

    The “maybe” is because I can’t remember if the system playing Battletoads in the department store was a NES or a SNES. Nostalgia clouds my vision, and I can’t remember if the NES version swung the camera into the first boss’ eyes or not.

  5. I have the grey version of the Zapper.

    I could get my NEW to run, if only I had the appropriate power suply.

  6. That reminds me… I’ve got an NES Challenge System in the closet with everything BUT the system inside. I’ve even got that silly Power Pad that nobody ever used, because Dance Dance Revolution hadn’t been invented yet.

  7. Let me know if you want any of the games in that bundle back. I’d be willing to return anything you’re really missing, aside from the systems.

  8. I don’t mind too much about the light gun not working (mine is the grey one too).. it’s just that I got home drunk one night and wanted to shoot ducks.. and that damn dog.

  9. If you’ve just got the Action Set, I’d say you’ve been robbed.

    Not really, I just had to say it.

  10. Lucky! I have just about every game I owned on the NES on the Virtual Console now, but it’s still not quite the same as plugging in the cart (after blowing in it to clean out the dust, of course, because that totally helps) and picking up one of those old controllers. Good times, good times.

  11. I sold my NES and games to get my SNES; I think history has proven that to have been a pretty good trade. Still, sometimes I wonder if I should pick up a used Nintendo, just for the tactile experience of it all. Then again, that’s more junk cluttering up my apartment, when I could just get a Wii and download the majority of titles that interest me for the VC. It’s a tough call, and one that I’m sure will be settled by some sort of impulse buy in the future.

  12. The NES was actually my wife’s, and was recently found in her barn after a decade or so of lying dormant. Much to my amazement, after cleaning the inch-thick dust off the box and pulling everything out, I fired it up and it worked just fine. It’s a later model (hence the orange Zapper), mostly because her family didn’t get it until after they all realized the Master System they bought at launch was a bridge to Nowhere. Her parents also bought her a Jaguar several years later instead of a Playstation, which is probably why she thoroughly hates them so.

  13. I’m thinking of getting the twin-fami for an x-mas present to myself. My original NES works o.k., but cosmetically looks like a bruised turd.

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