Escape towards LA

What happens when you bring the devious minds of four of GameSpite’s biggest names together and let them loose on the mean streets of LA? Tomm Guycot, Nich Maragos, Anthony C., and yours truly joined forces and we…well, we played Smash Bros. for a while. (Items on, all stages — natcherly.) BUT THEN we played Little Big Planet for a bit. BUT BEFORE THAT we went to Rice Things and had some katsu. And it took us a while to track down Nich, I guess. Apparently they played some sort of card game after I left, but I had to catch a train home. It was X-Citement to the max!

Seriously though, good bunch of guys. We debated the merits of Animal Crossing and stressed out about whether or not our Secret Santa gifts got to our giftees. The point here is that you should check the forums to see if there’s a GameSpite meet-up near you, or start your own! There is only a minimal amount of hazing violence.

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