I am not very smart

So hey! All the first batch of GameSpite bonus content is published, copied, assembled, and ready to go in the mail. But whoops: I just realized that PayPal doesn’t give me subscribers’ mailing addresses. I’d like to mail these out ASAP (considering they’re nearly two months overdue), so if you were subscribed to support the site during the June through September period please drop me an email with your mailing info ASAP.

After I’m done with the mailings, my attention is focused on the first GameSpite book. I put together the print version of the first two articles today and I’m extraordinarily giddy. Print may not be a profitable venture these days, but I love the permanence and substance of ancient media much more than ephemerality of the Internet. Transmuting a website into a book is the most glorious form of alchemy I’ve ever experienced. Even if it’s one I won’t be seeing much of a return on. Some things you do just for the love of it, you know?

21 thoughts on “I am not very smart

  1. I’ll have more details once the book is assembled. Right now I don’t want to commit to anything, because I’m not sure how many pages I’ll need, and the page count will determine the cost.

  2. That being said, I anticipate the layout and editing being complete next weekend. Hurrah for holidays.

  3. So hey, speaking of content, did you decide there’s more than enough updating going on here lately or should I still be dusting off old articles on games everyone hates?

  4. Sweet! I’m totally looking forward to it!

    You should take pre-orders to help you figure out how many to order, and sweeten the pot with some good-ol’ pre-order bonuses!

    (And then when someone asks for a copy, you can say “you should have pre-ordered…)

  5. Whoa. I was thinking “aww Parish, he’s so old-school with his love of print media” until I saw the image you posted. Now I’m QUITE interested.

  6. EVERYONE SHUT UP ABOUT THE BOOK ALREADY – I don’t want Jeremy cracking under the pressure of a thousand geeks’ giddy expectations!

    That said, that is some nifty looking book-guts there. I’d definitely throw down some cash for a pre-order (well, once the book comes into sharper focus and you don’t feel guilty taking money for something that’s only been partially-assembled, that is.)

    You designing the cover for this thing yourself?

  7. It looks very nice, my enthusiasm grows! I too like print. I love electronic stuff for finding information and goofing around, but for an extended period of reading I like a printed copy.

  8. The physicality and portability of print is why I still read books and buy strategy guides. That preview page has me excited to read a lot of stuff I’ve already read – again, in print!

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