God forgive me for what I am about to do

Me: On a lighter note, I saw a link to “the terrible crossover fanfiction idea generator
Me: and the first thing I got was “write a crossover fanfiction combining Doom and GI Joe. The story should use marriage as a plot device!”
Me: and god help me, before I could stop myself I thought of a premise :(
Nich: Haha
Nich: What was it!?
Me: Drawing on an old cartoon where there was some sort of eldritch monster living beneath Destro’s castle
Me: So he’d marry Scarlett some dark midnight to summon the beast
Me: Opening the gates of hell
Me: And they’d recruit DOOM GUY onto the GI Joe team to help save her
Me: Voila
Nich: I know what I want to see as the GameSpite Issue 2 bonus material
Me: Code name: DOOM GUY
Me: Primary military specialty: RIPPING
Me: Secondary military speciality: TEARING
Nich: Haha
Me: OK, so we have issue 2 bonus material
Me: This is all on your head now

14 thoughts on “God forgive me for what I am about to do

  1. Don’t forget the Public Service Announcement at the end.

    Kid: Now I’m radioactive!
    Doomguy: That can’t be good!

  2. Nice. That really is an amazing comic — about five bad movies’ worth of tough guy action dialogue condensed into a few dozen pages.

  3. Wow, Parish. Wow.

    Now here’s the question: Will the plot you came up with be better than the plot for the upcoming G.I. Joe live action movie?

  4. This reminds me of that Dracula episode of G.I.Joe. That episode exists I think but I may have dreamed it.

  5. The random fan-fiction generator still cannot live up to some real comics that have seen print? Dracula vs. The Silver Surfer, anyone?

  6. Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Mega Man and Family Circus. The story should use losing one’s virginity as a plot device!

    Parish, you owe me. :(

  7. “Eh, radioactivity. Nothing a little herbal bath won’t cure!” I think that only works if you’re a ninja or Snake Eyes. … Probably only if you’re Snake Eyes.

  8. Wh-what? Snake Eyes? My first thought was that it was a reference to Nausicaa…

    I have ashamed myself and my people.

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