Let’s find that exit they call Paradise

Now that this year’s TGS is over, I’ve seen a few grumblings that it was “underwhelming.” True, it mostly yielded new videos for games we already knew about, but fresh material is always a pleasure (even if Wesker’s new voice actor is going to take some getting used to). And considering the event was immediately preceded by a slew of new announcements from Nintendo’s own media summit, my heart’s just not in passing judgment. It’s rare for me as a gamer not to be starved for new information, and I’m too busy savoring this moment to worry about which show was showier.

Although, there was at least one legitimate revelation last week — one that might have even slipped beneath some people’s radar (GameVideos still seems oblivious to it): NMH2.

[[image:nn_081013_travis_01.jpg:Yes, this means Sylvia lied last time. But are you really surprised?:center:0]]
No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, that is. Which, despite the initials, is not a DS spin-off but a Wii sequel to Goichi Suda’s painfully stylish and metatextual opus from earlier this year. And if that doesn’t excite you, it should. The only criticism anyone could muster against the original was the squandered potential of its open-world elements, so it’s easy to see Grasshopper and Marvelous redeeming that sole shortcoming, refining what was already remarkable, and overall, producing something even greater than one of the best games in recent memory.

As for the trailer, it’s even less informative than the first game’s concept video from TGS ’06, but it says all we need to know for now: Travis Touchdown is back, and he’s going to cut down whatever freaky customers gets in his way to becoming number one. Whatever that means.