The galaxy is transforming into Shinya Arino

Hey! Are you guys happy that Retro Game Challenge is on track for an American release?

[[image:nn_081012_arino_01.jpg:I like knowin’ that!:center:0]]
Me, too! But what if I told you they just announced a second Game Center CX game in Japan?

…Yeah, that’s about right.

6 thoughts on “The galaxy is transforming into Shinya Arino

  1. While I’m sure it will continue the NES aesthetic, I think it’d be neat if the sequel explored the 16-bit era instead, completely with blast processing and over-use of Mode 7.

  2. Gaming has really come full circle. A game about a guy who plays games. I really wish I could work on that show. /Nerd

  3. One of the most endearing parts the first game was having your chibi-kacho buddy there cheering you on as you played the challenges. It really does add to the experience.

  4. Is the picture of a disembodied head floating over a D-pad or is the D-pad his collar?

    Are they translating all of the gaming magazines for the game too? I wonder if they will keep with the flair of Famitsu or try to mimic Nintendo Power or EGM?

  5. The face in the first picture looks like it’s either going to burst into tears or, uh, do a demonic laugh like it’s doing in the second picture. Terrifying!

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