Now you know: I’m an expert

I’ve had relatively few dealings with the local media during my time in Japan. I don’t watch a lot of television, and my only contact with NHK has been via the collector who comes to my door in an attempt to extract cash moneys for the greater good. That’s when I turn off the lights and pretend that I’m not home. Because I’m a horrible person like that.

But despite my past transgressions, I have apparently been deemed a video game expert by the Japanese media. While I was waiting in line to play Gundam Musou 2 with a friend of mine, I got a tap on my shoulder.

“Hello,” said the woman whose head you see below. “Are you a foreigner? Can you please do an interview?”

After checking to make certain that I was still a foreigner, I agreed. A moment later, I was being grilled with questions like “Why do Americans like Japanese games?” and “Has the financial crisis affected Japanese games in America?” Pretty hard-hitting stuff from the mainstream media!

My answers?

A: 1983 was an absolutely fantastic year for American gaming. Absolutely fantastic.

B: Yes.

Well, I might have gone into a little more detail then that, but I think that pretty much sums it up. When she finished, she gave a half-bow, thanked me, and said, “You are an expert!” Yeah, I kinda am. I’m glad that she noticed.

So keep this in mind from now on when you read my entries: I’m an expert. The Japanese media said so.

10 thoughts on “Now you know: I’m an expert

  1. Was your “A” answer intentionally trying to trip them up, or did you just come up with that at a moment’s notice?

  2. How do you check to see if you’re still a foreigner?

    Their bluntness in asking that question is kind of awesome.

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