Decent Italian restaurant sighted. Commencing mission.

I’m now safely ensconced in Makuhari Messe, everything I need ready to go for TGS. Well, everything except for my camera, which I kind of need to do that photo blog that I had been planning. Unfortunately, my camera has apparently decided to take the weekend off and chill out at home.

That is to say, I forgot it.

So I guess if you want pictures from TGS, you’ll have to live with whatever random thing that I decide to photograph with my phone. For instance, behold!

Haha, I didn’t say my phone’s camera was any good, did I? It’s actually pretty ancient.

But anyway, that is a halfway decent Italian restaurant you’re looking at. In Japan, no less! These are actually harder to find than you’d think, primarily owing to the Japanese penchant for mixing perfectly good pasta with things like mayonnaise, cod roe, and seaweed.

This place had some of that, but it also had a spicy garlic spaghetti that proved to be pretty tasty. I’ll rate that as a success in my book, especially since I only paid about 1200 yen for the pasta, a salad, a glass of wine, and some coffee.

Tomorrow is the Tokyo Game Show, where Parish and I will undoubtedly continue to regale you with our fascinating experiences with the local cuisine. Yes, you are indeed reading GameSpite, the world’s first culinary gaming blog.

See you next mission.

10 thoughts on “Decent Italian restaurant sighted. Commencing mission.

  1. “Yes, you are indeed reading GameSpite, the world’s first culinary gaming blog.”

    I dare say that this is useful information. If not that, then certainly quite amusing!

  2. I want to be the ironic blogger that has a food-related handle and doesn’t blog about food.

    That, or I’ll cave and write about Sonic the Hedgehog Spaghettio’s and Meatballs.

  3. I dunno where you’re hanging around in Tokyo, but I don’t remember ever having trouble finding fantastic “authentic” italian restaurants.

    parish, I was similarly aghast at the chilled red wine in Japan!! Haha, oh the memories! Note that not every restaurant chills their red wine, and of course it usually ended up being the cheaper places that did. That said, some expensive restaurants offered both… And it is believed that *some* red wines do taste better chilled. I do not share that belief, but there it is. Too funny!

  4. I used to live on Capricciosa’s (The place in question) Penne Arrabiata. Probably precisely the garlic chili stuff you’re writing about. Though I now think of the place as more “Olive Gardeny” than “good”.
    There is a reasonable amount of good italian in Tokyo (more than your average American city), but there is a profound dearth of reasonably priced non-bad italian.

  5. My time in Osaka left me with the firm belief that there was no such thing as acceptable Italian food in the Kansai area, and possibly not in Japan at all. No durum noodles, no actual marinara, no cheese — it was enough to make me cry.It is heartening to know that Tokyo does better.

  6. it doesn’t. Cheese in japan constitutes of powder in green bottles. Noodles are some pasty ass spaghetti. Lots of garlic and oil. It’s a joke, really.

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