From now until December…sort of.

Oh great, is it already the end of September? I guess it’s about time to get serious, huh? Not only is there plenty to write, but I have to start spending at least an hour a day studying for the level three Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The same one that I said I would pass last year.

Yeah, three isn’t all that high on the totem pole (one level above the lowest, if you have to know), but the gulf between levels three and two is a wide one, and I’m not quite ready to traverse it. No, not even in the name of being able to understand whatever Kou is talking about in Gundam 0083 (at a guess: “I’m not strong enough yet!”)

But even so, I really kind of want to pick up my certificate this time round. It might be hard to believe, but it’s actually harder to keep Japanese in your head when you’re not living in Japan. And I’m planning on heading back to America in February. So this is it. Now that I’m done relaxing in Nikko, I’ve got to put everything aside and…

…nevermind. See you all in Monsteropolis!

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  1. Yeah, I decided to go for broke and tried for level 2 last year. It didn’t go well, although I probably would have made it if I had been able to force myself to study kanji. Good luck!

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