Word association will be the death of me

The weeks surrounding big trade shows are always exciting for gamers, especially those of us who don’t have industry contacts to whisper big announcements our way in advance. It’s these times when it pays off to monitor the news and video sites closely for even the smallest teases of information, and that’s especially true right now. With PAX just behind us and TGS now less than a month away, there are bound to be some surprises overlooked in the wake of the former and quietly leaked ahead of the latter.

But chronic anticipation can be a dangerous thing, as I found first-hand when I was made entirely too excited by a link to something called “Ikariam.” As you can see by the trailer, Ikariam is a free browser-based Greco-Roman RTS. Which is fine, I suppose, but about the furthest thing from my area on interest. (Or maybe that’s Touch Grind.)

[[image:nn_080913_ikari_01.jpg:Ikari IV – Leona’s Great Adventure is a fever-dream exclusive.:center:0]]
What got me so enthralled was the title, which to my old-school sensibilities could have implied nothing but a renewal of SNK’s ancient Ikari Warriors franchise. Not that Ikari is as fondly-remembered a brand as your Mega Men or even your Kid Icari, but it would make enough sense considering Capcom’s recent Commando revival. And as is becoming increasingly evident, retro revivals in any form are receiving more love now than ever before — to the point that even atrocious fare like The Legend of Kage can swing a sequel or two.

Even if Ikari is dead for good, its heroes, Ralf and Clark, have survived via assimilation into SNK’s The King of Fighters — and later, Metal Slug. Which, in the end, might be preferable to returning to the limelight, only for everyone to remember that their own games were never that good in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Word association will be the death of me

  1. I would love a new Ikari Warriors game that somehow incorporated Heidern or Leona…possibly a 4 player online game? I can dream, can’t I?

    *sign* I guess there’s always KOF XII…

  2. Word association will seriously harm me as well. I always associate “gimme your wallet” with shouting “HELP! POLICE!” at the top of my voice. That’ll earn me a stabbin’ one day.

  3. I feel for you. If Paul Hogan’s taught me anything, it’s that Australians always carry the meanest knives.

  4. I like Ikari Warriors, and Ikari Warriors II, but, until recently, I didn’t really remember Ikari III: The Rescue. I found it at a used place and picked it up and… goddamn is it awful. Remember how Ralf & Clark used to shoot everything that moved? Yeah, well, in Ikari III you PUNCH. Yeah, no guns, same format/play style, except you punch and kick. It’s godawful. If I want to see Clark and Ralf punching, I’ll stick to KoF.

  5. doh! darn enter key! anyhow… Ikari Warriors was the first game I ever bought for my brand new NES system… had many days playing that game. The music is ingrained in my mind forever… A B B A Select Start… never did beat it even tho I could make it to the last guy with that cheat, it didn’t work once you got to him. :(

  6. “I feel for you. If Paul Hogan’s taught me anything, it’s that Australians always carry the meanest knives.”

    or spoons

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