Five is the loneliest number

Greetings! My name is Michael Nicolai, and I’m the curator of Gamespite’s woefully underdeveloped community comics page and weekly regurgitator of Virtual Console press releases. I am an aspiring graphic novelist and some of my interests include plumbing, mathematics and skipping cutscenes. Did you know there are many intersections between comic books and video games? Two young mediums designed to separate children from their quarters, both looked down upon in disdain for being violent escape fantasies capable of corrupting young minds. And they both have fans that are almost as bad as their detractors — an exclusively catered niche that perceives any change to the status quo as a personal affront. Both mediums also share an untapped potential, stymied by a deficit of critical thought and plain stubborness.

By coincidence there are also many intersections between the gaming interests (and sometimes the names) of my fellow co-bloggers and my own, but there is one thing that distinguishes myself — I was created by Rita Repulsa to destroy them. But enough talk! I came here to introduce myself and blog about games.

And I’m all out of introducing myself.

15 thoughts on “Five is the loneliest number

  1. I noticed your Mario Bros. article and it’s probably worth mentioning that there was a more accurate port of the game released for the NES in both Europe and Japan. I’ve played it… it’s still not QUITE perfect, but it comes a lot closer to the mark than the wimpy NES version of the game released in 1985.

  2. Thanks for the tip about Mario Bros., I’ll have to track it down. (The beauty of wiki articles is that they can be updated)

  3. Man, Gamespite is going to be so awesome now. I always like reading stuff there, and my only complaint was that it didn’t update often enough. With the multiple writers here, there won’t be that problem anymore. Yay!

  4. Pardon my stupidity, but is there any chance you might blog about comics on the front page? I figured it would be left to the Comics sections, but I figured I would ask.

  5. I’ll be sticking to games for the time being. But there are a lot of games based on comics and so, so many of them are deserving of the spite.

    I will begin regular updates to the comics site again in October. Anyone else who would like to contribute to it in the meantime is welcome to send me a PM.

  6. I always like reading stuff there, and my only complaint was that it didn’t update often enough.

    Parish alone was already posting on a daily, sometimes twice-daily basis. Just how much are we going to have to write to satisfy you, you monster?

  7. Some people want a constant flow of information in the vein of newsfeed-style sites Joystiq, Kotaku, et al.

    It is unrealistic for one person, but it’s a more feasible possibility with multiple people working on the site.

    Whether the GS5 want to create that kind of website is another matter entirely.

  8. That model is pretty much the last thing I want this site to become. This is not intended to be a big blog, and it’s not about driving hits and traffic with inflammatory/smutty/asinine content. There is no Boingboing/Gawker-esque mission statement decreeing hits at any cost, no matter how low you have to stoop. I just want to diversify things a bit.

  9. Mike and Kishi need to merge into one being and become the unstoppable force known as Nicolai Nicola Nomali.

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