Dogs and Kats, living together

[[image:nn_080910_blackviper_01.png:All sons of old gods, etc.:right:0]]That’s right, my friends: the Blogpocalypse is upon us. Parish has dispersed his authorial powers through a select group of chosen ones, and together we shall raise GameSpite up to the sky and rid the Internet of all creatures young and old.

When the heavens fall to sweep aside the earth, we only ask that you keep your wits — and manners — about you. I don’t care how reality looks when it’s refracting through chasms of nothingness, guys; it’s still rude to point. If you must express your despair, clenching your jaw with teeth fully bared is considerably more welcome decorum.

But you won’t be reduced to an oil of pure cosmic abstraction just yet, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, I’m Nicola Nomali, alias Kishi (if you must). I like Spread Guns, Mallomars, and blue oceans. If you’ve been around here for a while, you may have already read some articles I’ve written. If not, please do so! I made them just for you, and now here I am blogging, as well. Between these two duties, I hope to keep you amply entertained until the time comes for the end of all things.

Ahh. Until then!

15 thoughts on “Dogs and Kats, living together

  1. Anybody else think the people screaming and running look kind of like caricatures of Phoenix Wright characters? A gentle ribbing for a DS brother?

  2. “Anybody else think the people screaming and running look kind of like caricatures of Phoenix Wright characters?”

    Needs more cleavage.

    Three bloggers are (usually) better than one. All glory to the Gamespite!

  3. “Won’t you guys be peeved when the LHC beats you to the apocalypse!” Sigh… I think for the future of humanity everyone who is worried about the Large Hadron Collider destroying the world/universe/reality should be reassured of its safety. By being put in the LHC. It will make the world a better place for the rest of us.
    (Yes, I find the jokes about the LHC to be stupid and tiresome after only a few days.)

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