Both of you, dance like you wanna win!

Ah, so this is what GameSpite’s nerve center looks like. It’s full of levers and little astromech models, and it’s all been entrusted to me. Yes, even the astromechs. And you know what I’m going to do with these levers and R2 units of power? I’m going to write about Pokémons and giant robots.


I haven’t been here very long, but hopefully you’ve all seen me trolling the Talking Time forums in the lonely hours of the night by now. And now that we’re all friends, just go ahead and call me Kat. It’s easier that way. Then I don’t have to remember all the different variations on “Valkyrie” that I’ve used as my nick over the years.

So now that my excuse to stalk Parish across the Internets has morphed into an actual position writing for him, you’re probably wondering what I’ve done for this site lately. Or you don’t care, and you’re still reading this post out of sheer, morbid curiosity. Well let’s see, here’s the article that motivated somebody to start a whole thread devoted to what a wimp I am (my very first fan on Gamespite, aww). And here’s the time that I called out everybody who thought that The World Ends With You is emo. And, oh yeah, here’s where I discovered that there are people in the world who like Mr. Mime. Okay, that last wasn’t GameSpite, but it still bemuses me no end.

Now I’m taking my act on the road, and straight to the front page of GameSpite. You know, aggressively. But first I’m going to play with this neat R4-P17 figure. I’m sure that Parish will only kill me a little bit.

28 thoughts on “Both of you, dance like you wanna win!

  1. I didn’t know Parish actually used his banpowers. I thought he just looked at it, then sadly decided he’d feel too guilty for banning someone before returning it to it’s secret vault in the bancave.

    In the meantime, I still don’t know who you are, or why you’re hijacking the frontpage. But I do know that I RABIDLY FEAR CHANGE and NOTHING THAT IS NOT THE ORIGINAL CAN EVER BE ANY GOOD.

    “J.P., J.P., lama sabachthani?” -Chu Chu

  2. Three comments in and nobody has mady any misogynistic remarks? This is a strange corner of the internet.

  3. Why I like it here, Bavis.

    Hello, thanks for the introduction. Read your articles previous, they were good stuff, so looking forward to seeing you around more often.

  4. Me too, ASandoval.

    It’s nice to have another voice jumping in here on the front page.

    Welcome to my break-time readings, Kat!

  5. I was going to say “Ahhhh!! It’s a girl!!” but frankly I just imagine everyone who posts on the Talking Time forums is a girl until proven otherwise. I mean, there’s no way dudes can be so coherent, intelligent, and funny, because I’m a dude, and I am rarely any of those three things (especially at the same time).

  6. 4 Teh-Bavis:
    “A Talking Tyrant in lipstick is still a Talking Tyrant?”

    I dunno, I got nothin’…

    Welcome aboard!

  7. Only one giant robot in your first post? I suppose it’s best to ease everyone into the transition to

  8. You know what’s funny? When you were made an editor over on 1up I was really confused because I didn’t recognize your very distinct avatar and your posts seemed a lot more, well, blog-like than the other 1up editors. For some reason I didn’t notice the post where you explained being newly made an editor, so I spent a really long time going through your old blogs trying to figure out who you were what you were doing in the editor’s column. Now I am equally confused as to how/why you’re posting on the front page here, but I’ll safely assume, as before, my confusion is stemming from a minor oversight on my part, and that all will be made clear in time.

  9. Did you notice how I changed the layout so that it says “Posted by: Kat” in bold letters right beneath the title? I’m not entirely sure how much more obvious it could be.

  10. aren’t you that giant robot woman?
    does this mean we’re going to get weekly updates with screenshots and commentary from 00 part 2 when it starts?
    please say yes

  11. Congratulations and whatnot. I distinctly remember that TWEWY article as one of my favorite of late, particularly since I could point at it and tell friends that the things I had been telling them were now [i]officially true.[/i]

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