Another disaster in the making?

So, you might have noticed that the post beneath this one was written by someone named Kat, who isn’t me. (And who also isn’t my girlfriend, whose name is Cat with a C.) Yes, the unthinkable has happened and I’ve let someone else begin blogging here. Several someones, actually. The rest will be making their debut once they work past their shyness, no doubt.

Actually, “unthinkable” is really the wrong word, because I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for years. Now seemed the right time, because GameSpite has grown well beyond the dumb little personal Geocities page it started out as (when it was called ToastyFrog, don’t you know), and much of what makes the site interesting these days has nothing to do with me. The reader-contributed articles are the star of the site, and the forums get way more traffic than the blog part on a day-to-day basis. Opening up the front page to other writers wasn’t so much a whim as a necessity. It’s gotta grow beyond being merely my personal bully pulpit.

But don’t worry. I’ll still be posting daily to bully you. It’s just that now I’m the leader of a gang, so it’ll be easier to rough you up and take your lunch.

23 thoughts on “Another disaster in the making?

  1. Wow. You just need to have Chris Kohler post and I won’t have to visit Game|Life anymore. The less web surfing I have the better. (No offense meant to the other Game|Life writers)

  2. I think this is an awesome idea, I’ll be interested to see who joins the blog portion of the site. :)

  3. The post beneath this one is the only one I haven’t read in the past month. :)

    No offense to Kat, but it just didn’t seem very interesting. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t written by Parish until just now.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t visit this site for the forums or the user-generated content. I visit it for Jeremy Parish because I can’t get enough retro goodness at 1UP.

    Unfortunately, I have the same problem over at Game|Life–I adore Kohler, but the other contributors just take up room in my RSS Feed.

  4. Well, the talent pool is already deeper than when Kohler opened the gates of hell and let others write for Game|Life.

    Conversely, the audience is, presumably, much much smaller.

  5. I’m sorry if what I said came across as rude. I read the first paragraph of Kat’s post and decided I couldn’t really understand what he/she was talking about (nor did I care) and moved on. I suppose it may just be that I’m not interested in Pokemon and/or giant robots. I didn’t mean it as a personal attack in anyway.

    All I was trying to convey is that some people out there still visit this blog for the posts created by Parish.

    (Did my comment actually incur the wrath of Mr. Parish himself, or is that someone impersonating him? The user name is obviously close but not the same.)

  6. Unlike Game|Life, I’m pretty sure that Kat and Nicoli are going to be posting about the same sorts of games that Parish does. I doubt it’ll feel as schizophrenic as Game|Life tends to.

  7. What the? Gamespite is evolving?!?

    I look forward to input from the new up-front bloggers. I go to the front page before the forums, so this extra content will keep me on the site even longer.

  8. It figures that all the awesome controversial threads and evolutions of the site happen while I’m in quasi-exile. At any rate, I guess congratulations are in order for the new venture? Congratulations.

  9. Thad, which feeds do you mean? The atom.xml feed shows authors. Ah, but it occurs to me you can probably only see the Atom link if you use Safari.

  10. Yeah, well, it would be great if I had any control over how the RSS works. But I don’t. Use the Atom instead.

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