Dear Brazilian friends

Please, please, please send me copies of these amazing, brand new Genesis/Mega Drive games that TecToy is releasing. I need to cover these in a desperate way. I will give you cash moneys in return! Granted, I only have American dollars, which are kind of crappy these days, but we can work out an equivalent exchange of some sort.

This is not a joke. For serious.

In other news, I am posting a bunch of complete and minty GBA games on my perpetual eBay pile. My stacks of things to get rid of are growing smaller and smaller — but happily, so are my debts from our financial crisis earlier this year. If I can get all these GBA and PS1 I have sitting next to me posted, I should be debt-free again before TGS. Just in time to build up fresh debt at Mandarake Galaxy! Ah, if only. Actually, once my own finances are clear we start working on The Girlfriend’s. She’s been having a lot of good luck lately finding jobs, so hopefully it won’t take too long. This is a very happy turnaround from the utter desperation of a few months back, so thanks to all of you nerds who have been buying my unwanted stuff. I am glad we can share this mutually beneficial ecosystem with one another.

In other other news, I finally had a chance to play The Last Remnant today. It was for print, so I can’t actually discuss anything of substance due to games journalism being a very silly and frustrating occupation; but I will say that I’ll no longer confuse this RPG with Infinite Undiscovery. The two are very different creatures, which is clear now that I’ve seen the battle system in action — a pleasant surprise, given that the main gimmick they’ve used to sell both games has been large-scale battles combining multiple parties. It has been a really, really long time since Square has developed a brand-new RPG franchise internally (The World Ends With You not really being an RPG to speak of, and Drakengard being an abomination by Cavia), but it’s nice to see they can still turn out interesting, creative products that don’t hover within the grim domain of the Nomuraverse. I probably won’t be allowed to articulate my thoughts on the game with any detail until TGS, but it’s definitely been added to my short list of games to give a crap about this fall. Maybe not quite up there with Valkyria Chronicle and Mirror’s Edge and Dragon Quest IV…but then, what is?

Actually, what was the last original Square RPG? Oh, I guess Song Summoner. But that kinda…doesn’t count. I’m thinking Vagrant Story. So really, it’s about time.

10 thoughts on “Dear Brazilian friends

  1. I always got The Last Remnant mixed up with Lost Odyssey. I really couldn’t kept track of which game was which until Lost Odyssey actually came out.

  2. Square’s last big attempt at making a new RPG franchise was that Code Age Commanders thing from 2005, wasn’t it? Funny how that never came out in the West.

  3. How did you afford all these games to begin with? That is/was one huge collection. Congrats on being out of debt!

  4. Dang it Parish, can’t you just auction off ESPGaluda by itself without that pesky PS2 being in the way?

  5. “I guess you’ll have to actually buy the console. Are you willing to do it?”

    Oh, definitely. Let’s work something out.

    “How did you afford all these games to begin with?”

    I honestly thought it was a necessary investment in my job — that I need to experience every game I possibly could in order to be able to be an effective critic. Which is dumb. Helpfully, though, I no longer want to be a critic.

  6. Parish, what possessed you to buy that Gamecube? Unless it was free.

    Also, I’m very excited about The Last Remnant, even though it doesn’t really seem that far removed from Final Fantasy.

  7. Haha TecToy is insane. We still get this weird things. I hate the fact that it comes on memory, but I think is going to be cheap. I´ll check it out when it is released!

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