Another good reason not to record epic length podcasts: I’ve just now finished up editing and processing tomorrow’s Retronauts. I began at noon. Granted, I lost an hour in there to GarageBand barfing on me, and I devoted some time to exercising and dinner and riding the train home and all, but still. Nearly twelve hours start to finish. That’s a lot! So it’s safe to say that at more than two and a half hours long, this new episode is the longest episode of Retronauts that will ever happen.

Personally, I’d recommend listening to it in 40-minute chunks. It breaks up pretty cleanly along those lines.

I’ll post a link when it goes live tomorrow. In the meantime, stare at this image of the Dreamcast and see if you can resist the temptation to dig yours up and start playing Chu-Chu Rocket or whatever. Also, be baffled by the crazy British-ness of it. Why is the logo blue!?, your brain will demand. And you will be powerless to answer.

Edit: The episode is live. You may want to clear out your weekend…it’s kinda long.

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  1. Consider me baffled!
    I’m definitely busting out Bangai-O! and Power Stone after classes tomorrow :D

  2. Good call on predicting that I do, in fact, own a Dreamcast which I could never bear to sell. Tragically, it is in a friend’s closet somewhere back in the States, much too far away for me to dig out and play with.

  3. CCR (not to be confused with the Revival) is also up on GameTap, though I haven’t seen how well it works there.

    I’d love to see a DS or WiiWare version, btw.

    One of my online friends, btw, just got a Naomi motherboard. It’s scary to think about how long that thing’s been supported. It’s the new Neo-Geo, in a sense.

  4. Dig it out? Mine is a mainstay under my tv. It and the SNES are the two retro systems that stay on-hand at all times.

  5. I’m about to plug mine up to the big TV in the living room and get some Shenmue action going on.

  6. I had the Sega Sports edition of the DC. I immediately traded the two sport titles which were included. It is just that Sega systems are supposed to be black.

    All you people who think it is odd that the swirl is blue; I find the whole system bizarre.

  7. After hearing you talk up this podcast on you posts about PAX, I actually went out and purchased a dreamcast this weekend for 35$. WindowsCE? A symbiotic 1980’s gameboy fetus… in the controller?

  8. It’s soooo preeeeeettyyy. Does anybody miss the days of top disc tray flaps? So magical yet so dangerous. Don’t let your retarded cousin get a hold of it. You won’t have a flap anymore.

  9. I recently set up my Japanese Dreamcast, still working perfectly after more than 9 years. New additions to my collection in the last week has been Garou: Mark of the Wolves & King of Fighters 2000, I’ve pretty much got all the 2D fighters on the system.

  10. True story: I traded in my SNES and all my would-have-fetched-a-lot-of-money RPGs to buy a Dreamcast. I eventually traded in my Dreamcast, too, when the system would randomly think the lid was opened and kick me back to the main screen mid-game. Still, I loved the damn thing.

  11. A long Retronauts? That’s good for me because I’m going to be entering a lot of data in the next few weeks. And maybe it will spur me on to actually stop toying with the idea of getting a Dreamcast and actually buy one. Looking forward to the podcast!

  12. Sold my Dreamcast to a friend years ago, who left it behind at an old roommate’s house. I don’t think I can get it back!

    I’d be a happy customer if Jet Grind Radio or other DC games were ever released on VC or XBLA.

  13. I think the start-up sound of the (American) Dreamcast was one of my favourites. Do the British and Japanese ones have the same boot-up sounds?

    My favourite part of the Dreamcast has to be the fact that you can hear it scratchily loading combat data a second or two before a random battle in Skies of Arcadia; if you were fast you could nail the pause button and heal up if you had forgotten.

  14. Hey, long time lurker of the site here, and I must say that image of the DC has inspired me to get on eBay and Amazon, and round out my Dreamcast collection.

    Come onnnn Cannon Spike, Project Justice and VOOT!

  15. Yes! I have been waiting for this Podcast since the Sega Saturn one. I sold my Dreamcast back in 2003. Then last month I bid on 12 different Dreamcasts on eBay, little by little I was getting outbid so I sucked it up and purchased one on Amazon. To my surprise I ended up winning the last one I bid on for $5! So I got two and kept the better working one. I even have my wife playing Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis!

  16. i believe the story i heard as to why European Dreamcasts are blue is because some European telecom company (or something of that sort,) already had an orange swirl as their logo and Sega of Europe wanted to avoid a legal battle.

  17. My Dreamcast was handed over foolishly years ago, but my roommate recently dug his out and I’m trying to recreate my perfect Jet Grind Radio save on his VMU. This plan will end when I get to Fight or Flight and properly remember how difficult it is to get Jet.

  18. I have fond memories of my Dreamcast. If mine had a blue logo, I probably never would have sold it.

  19. oh Dreamcast how I love thee! I wish my Japanese DC still worked… it just scratches discs now… :( my 2 American systems work fine still tho… I was actually thinking of region changing one of them instead of looking for a used Japanese system… hrmmm… I was so DC crazy that I even own the Japanese Karaoke Attachment that you can’t even freaking use unless you lived in Japan! ;)

  20. Someday, there will have to be a tribute to Seanbaby, and all that he brought to funny ways to write stuff to the table.

    I do remember how ahead of the curve I felt when I got my DC…I even bought TimeStalkers because it seemed the closest thing to an RPG on the system that I could find. Ah, the folly of console youth.

  21. Foreign Dreamcasts don’t look like that? Crazay.

    Mine has been hooked up with my gaming TV (bought with my PS1) since the mid-nineties. Not even the 360 could displace it. In fact, I played some Marvel Vs Capcom 2 against my brother only yesterday!

  22. I still have my Dreamcast shirt I got on launch day. I worked at TRU at the time, and by the time I quit that job, the system was down to $50 brand new. :(

  23. I’m 1/4 in, can’t wait to finish it on my commute tomorrow. I always admire the longer podcasts, especially when the panel is passionate about the subject. Nice work Senor Parish.

  24. The episode was every bit as good as I remember, and was an incredible nostalgia trip for me at the same time, though I wish there was more lengthy talk of PSO, Virtua Tennis, and Grandia II, which are all amazing games I still associate with the Dreamcast and that strange era.

    I’ll post more interesting and lucid details about my DC experience in the thread on the forums tomorrow, when I’m sober, but I’ll always think of the Dreamcast as the last great hardcore/enthusiast console. I remember entertaining the idea of buying one of the cheap $50 Dreamcasts that Robot just spoke of in order to save a mint condition, in-box, unopened system for future enjoyment, but alas, the money and drive just was not in me…

  25. I would play Crazy Taxi for hours, literally. With one credit set on default settings, I would play for 2 or 3 hours before fatigue would set in but i would get some amazing high scores that nobody could even get close. Then Crazy Taxi 2 came out, ouch. I blew up a Dreamcast during a very long sitting on Jet Set Radio. It went bang and turned black. Got another console, plugged in my VMU and continued playing.

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