Mario has a posse

And it strong-armed me into buying a copy of Yoshi’s Island for my restored and complete Super Famicom collection.

Sorry, my bad. “Yossy Island.”

17 thoughts on “Mario has a posse

  1. In fairness, in Japan his name has always been “Yosshii” (ヨッシー) not “Yoshi” (ヨシ). I guess the team didn’t get the memo about how to romanize that.

  2. @ Jet Pilot: I think that might say $4. How come the price tags say “about $___”? Bartering system firmly in place?

  3. “Who in their right mind would think someone would want to purchase Sonic R?”
    People who know you can get a better deal out of the game by putting it in a CD player instead of a Saturn. The soundtrack is of much greater value than the game itself.

  4. @[shinji-fox] – that’s exactly what I came in here to say. I was at the launch party for that game, way back when, and thought it sucked at the time. Time has only further cemented this opinion.

  5. Wait, are these pictures from PAX, Japan, or a San Fran. area import store?? I only ask because it sure would be curious for a Japanese store to list prices in dollars…

  6. This makes me wonder now: what versions of Yossi’s Island has Parish owned over the years? I thought you bought it for SNES and never sold it.

  7. @ Nunix: Lagoon – what a horrible, horrible game. I sadly remember far more of it than it deserves.

  8. @Falth: That’s “Robot Wars” or some such tripe. It is a pretty mediocre “build up yer ‘bot an’ then FIGHT ‘EM!” sim released on the Saturn. I used to convince myself that it was fun in order to warrant and justify begging my parents into buying me a Saturn.

  9. Oh God, thats Pink Godzilla, isn’t it?

    Rips me off whenever I go and buy soundtracks from them.

  10. I can’t speak for the soundtrack prices, but a lot of their hardware is cheaper (way cheaper) than it sells for at Super Potato. And Super Potato has the best prices in Akihabara on hardware, comparable to Japanese retro shops in other areas.

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