Driving home the pathos

Alas, updates may be sporadic now that I am at Penny Arcade Expo bossing other people around.

But hey! While you’re waiting for me to blog again, you can read these perfectly tolerable interviews I’ve posted with the producers of Exit DS and The Legend of Kage 2.

5 thoughts on “Driving home the pathos

  1. I never thought I’d be interested in a sequel to Kage, but it actually sounds kind of cool and the idea of the Etrian guys challenging themselves to make an action game is intriguing as well.

  2. If anybody actually knew it was pronounced “kah-gay” instead of “cage” all those years ago, then put your hands up. You will be summarily punched and mocked by late 80s jingoism, because other accent marks/pronunciation are terrifying to Americans.

    In the words of Jenn Frank, shame on you.

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