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Ah, DVDs. I learned a little while ago that my girlfriend loves The X-Files — how have we dated for three and a half years without my knowing this? I’m sure the new movie is terrible, but man did I love the first few seasons of that show. Of course, this has nothing to do with this week’s DVD releases, but all I’m really good for these days is pointless tangents.
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Oh, hey, look, they still publish video games. I was beginning to wonder after the past few weeks, but yes: Summer is drawing to its close, and this week marks the first rush of titles hustling to beat the fall glut to shelves. I would like to say I selected yesterday to publish the Tales of Phantasia retrospective as a tie-in to Tales of Vesperia‘s release, but that would be a lie. As usual.

10 thoughts on “Skulls a-poppin’

  1. my roommates and i burnt out two ps2s playing the first disgaea, and clocked well over 300 hours into it. i never touched that series again.

  2. A new Harvest Moon game?!? My wife’s birthday perilously close?!? The seeds of an idea are beginning to form. Some way to connect these two, seemingly random events.

  3. A tangent to the tangent: I’ve still never seen the final season of “The X-Files” despite the fact that I was with the show from the beginning (before the hype), saw every episode before Tivos existed, owned a shelf full of books, and seriously considered an X-Files tattoo. I just couldn’t bear to watch it decline at the time, and now I just don’t care all that much. Sad that X-Files legacy is as a cautionary tale for the Lost producers. :( Or as a cautionary tale for resurrecting a show as a movie at the wrong point in it’s life cycle. (Not old enough to be nostalgia, not new enough to be current and hip).

  4. What a lifeless cover image for Nightmare Before Christmas. Where’s the iconic spiral hill?

  5. Rumor (and a 1up review) has it that Vesperia’s supposed to be the bestest Tales game ever, or something like that. I’m gonna pick it up tomorrow regardless, because that’s what sadsacks who love Action RPGs must do.

  6. “Rumor (and a 1up review) has it that Vesperia’s supposed to be the bestest Tales game ever” -Mightyblue

    Is this like the bestest punch in the face ever? Tales game sound good right up until the moment you start playing them, in my experience. I wish that weren’t the case.

  7. In addition to Robin Hood, a collection of westerns starring Errol Flynn is also available this week. One of them even has Humphrey Bogart in it. A Three Stooges collection also came out this week with the awesome plumbing episode in it.

    I have to second the enthusiasm for Nightmare Before Christmas and third the enthusiasm for X-Files. My family used to watch NBC every Halloween when we had it on VHS. I’ll be picking this version up for this year’s festivities.

    The first three seasons of X-Files were the best. However, the show didn’t really hit rock bottom until the final season when the Smoking Man and friends got over-involved.

  8. Unlike some of my friends I never drank The X-Files kool-aid. I tried watching a couple episdoes but became bored and didn’t bother anymore.

  9. double post! (sorry)
    “grinding your sword in the Item World” Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?

    “Meet the new Samurai Shodown, same as the ol’ Samurai Shodown, except with some new characters and stuff. [Editor: Actually, this is considered the best Samurai Shodown of all by most people.]” About the only thing I didn’t like in Shodown 2 was how they changed the animation for Hanzo and Galford’s backflip throw. And then in 3 they removed the cool throws altogether. :( But I still liked 3 better than 4. Four killed all of my enthusiasm for the series and I haven’t touched it since then.

    “First person to call it “Whyyys” gets a punch in the mouth.” Hey. Take it Ysy. There’s no need for that.

  10. I really really hope that the entry title is a reference to the 1941 film Hellzapoppin’.

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