I can’t believe you got a heart of gold

I almost recommend you download and listen to the latest episode of 1UP FM. And I definitely recommend you don’t use this as an opportunity to tell me how you just can’t get into that show, man. I don’t really care! This isn’t the usual episode; it was recorded in a hotel room late last night after a long day of stumping about Comic-Con. As such it contains a fair amount of discussion on things like DC Universe Online, my love for Mirror’s Edge, and a great deal of complete idiocy. Like the Frank Miller thing. After being inundated with ads for The Spirit, I randomly decided that Miller actually talks like a thick Brooklyn thug obsessed with hookers and strippers, and spent most of the trip interjecting comments about “hookahs” into pretty much every conversation I had at the show. Later, we learned that he actually does talk like that, except more nasally. Like if Kermit the Frog grew up in the Bronx.

Anyway, it’s a very silly listen. And you can see the naughty Shiva-cycle in action (insert sleazy sax riff here) over at my 1UP blog.

9 thoughts on “I can’t believe you got a heart of gold

  1. I personally hope that Frank Miller can’t go three sentences without saying ‘women are whores’.

  2. I got 98% of my Frank Miller improv material out of the way before the podcast, or else it coulda been awfully blue.

  3. That video… Is that the same guy who did the “I am Impact” song in the Goemon games on the N64?

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