Close to the edge

The best part of Comic-Con may well have been finally having the opportunity to go hands-on with Mirror’s Edge. How best to describe the game? The premise is pure William Gibson — think playing as Chevette from Virtual Light — while the gameplay is a first-person shooter minus the shooting, with a healthy dose of Assassin’s Creed (minus the crappy parts), Ico and, uh, Sly Cooper. Odd mix? Yes, but that’s what makes it so refreshing. The FPS genre is stale, stale, stale, with Portal being the first truly inventive thing to be done with the format in ages. That’s not to say your standard FPS isn’t fun, mind you, but it’s so rare to see something truly new and different in action that Mirror’s Edge would be striking even if its visual style weren’t so stark and arresting.

In short, I really want to play this. Games are at their best when they offer a big imaginary playground to muck about in, and this particular playground looks fantastic.

17 thoughts on “Close to the edge

  1. Totally agree. Can’t wait to give this one a try. It’s about time somebody did something new with the FPS genre. It would have been great even if it had been pure street ninja.

  2. It does look splendid, but the combat and the non-player characters really appear a bit rubbish. Does the combat play any better than it looks like in the videos?

  3. any sign of nausea when playing? that’s the only real reservation I have about this game, it seems like it was designed to make me puke.

  4. “while the gameplay is a first-person shooter minus the shooting”

    Wait, what? No, that isn’t right!

    But but you still play as a no-necked, grizzled, steroid junkie that squelches with testosterone with every step he takes, right?

  5. Actually, the best part of Comic-Con was the symphony doing a Castlevania medley with accompanying fireworks.

  6. Totally agree. If there’s anything more stale than the RPG genre, it’s probably the FPS. Besides Portal, this could be the FPS that brings me back to the genre.

  7. “But but you still play as a no-necked, grizzled, steroid junkie that squelches with testosterone with every step he takes, right?”

    Man, you have serious body image issues if you think that skinny little girl is thick and masculine.

  8. I thought first-person perspective was a terrible idea for a parkour-themed game when I first heard about it, but the more I see, the more I warm up to the idea.

    And you can see your feet! That alone addresses my number one gripe about FPSes.

  9. Missing the opportunity to title your post as a crappy Aerosmith song = EPIC FAIL! (Glad to see something non-retroesque caught your eye at not E3 though)

  10. “…I’m try-ing not to lose my head. Say what? It’s like a jungle…”

    …sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under…

    I hope they find an interesting narrative to string together with the innovative gameplay.

    Also, that area you are jumping over looks precisely detailed. I can just imagine how the rest of the area looks in-game.

  11. William Gibson mixed with Yes, if the title of this post is any indication. Yes, that would be… amazing.
    Looks nice.

  12. Caught me on the Gibson reference as well, especially it bringing Chevette and that sort of feeling to mind.

    I was interested in this sucker, but now I WANTS it. Even if Portal meant so much to my friends, and I couldn’t put more than a few hours into it. But, but, leapfrogging across buildings without Spider-Man cheater powers! OoOOoO!

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