Burn, baby, burn

I disassembled my exercise bike assembly and ascertained the problem I noted yesterday. That problem being: You get what you pay for. Spend 90 bucks on an exercise bike and you’ll end up with a hunk of crap! The problem is that this bike is really cheaply-made and the rubber belt that stands in where a chain should be has almost entirely disintegrated from friction. Don’t I feel dumb! All this time I’d assumed the unpleasant burning smell when I was working out these past few weeks was my neighbors toking up with cheap pot, when in fact it was simply me literally burning rubber with my mighty thews or whatever. Ha! Ha! Sigh.

Anyway, I guess I could buy a replacement belt once a month for the rest of this thing’s life, but I’m thinking that maybe I should bite the bullet and invest in a decent elliptical machine or something. Not that I can really afford it, at the moment, but I guess this would be one of the few legitimate reasons to put something on my credit card all irresponsible-like. (Said “legitimate reason” being my health.) I guess I’ll think about it while I’m at Comic-Con.

Perhaps I will see some of you there! But probably not. I’m only there for a day and a half, and my schedule is packed.

18 thoughts on “Burn, baby, burn

  1. Hey, I’m a fellow poor, broke fitness freak… perhaps I can make a suggestion or two?
    -New balance generally has pretty decent exercise bikes on sale – I got something in the 5k line for about $100 two years ago and it’s stood up to a vigorous routine very nicely
    -Does your office building have a gym (with some kind of discounted membership)? Or are you opposed to running outside? Both can be good alternatives.

  2. I’d second the gym idea – depending on the time of year you can usually get discounted memberships (also try joining as a couple, most gyms will take a fair amount off for two people joining at the same time). I’d belong to mine just for the heated pool, as I’d rather swim than bike, but everyone has their own tastes.

  3. I’ve done the gym thing and hate it. Besides, coming home from work and exercising is my new favorite way to wrap up the day.

    And after this little debacle, I’m not buying anything without a full, lengthy warranty.

  4. Do you have an actual, real bike already? If so, a bicycle trainer or bicycle roller might be a more economical, space saving alternative depending on your needs.

  5. I think I linked a few too many things and got my post deleted.

    Long story short: Tectrix is constantly sturdy and there is an upright exercise bike available on eBay for $100 at auction or $600 on “Buy Now”. It might seem expensive, but the bike tends to last quite a while and comes with a factory warranty.

    A few recommendations from friends: there is a Gold’s Gym Power 210 bike at Wal-mart ($200) and various Schwinn bikes (approximately $300)at Sears.

    If you have not made a decision by next week, I will get in contact with a friend of mine who owned a gym and ask his opinion on the matter.

    Have fun in San Diego! I hear they are auctioning off Pimp Daddy Destro and a ton of G.I. Joe figures there.

  6. While exercise equipment is certainly a legitimate expense, for what a random voice on the internet is worth I really really think charging something on your credit card that you can’t pay off is a horrible, horrible idea. Can’t afford 200+ for a decent exercise machine? Then how can you afford paying 20% yearly interest on it?

    Though it isn’t the same, maybe try jogging w/the gf. Or if you don’t mind looking terribly silly, there are lots of in-home exercise options you can do using common household items.

    Your health is important, but it’s not worth starting down the road of credit card debt.

  7. My suggestion: Try swimming. I have no idea about the situation in the US, but here in germany, many swimming halls open in the evening. I pay €1.40 (thats something like $2 I think) and swim as much as I like – usually somethin about 40 minutes.
    The good thing is: It´s cheap, it´s not als boring as jogging, it uses many, many muscles and it´s really good workout. In my opinion much better than cycling (which I also do).

  8. I wouldn’t hesitate on buying a reputable bike, despite the price. Health and happiness come first. Money will come eventually.

  9. Last I checked, New Balance has several of their machines available on zero-interest payment plans. You give them your credit card and they charge $XX.XX on the same day every month for a year. May want to look into it.

    And yeah, don’t try biking in SF. Unless you really enjoy inpatient hospital stays.

  10. The above who was talking about a real bike didn’t seem to be talking about biking in SF, which, yes, would be kinda insane unless you really do have thews of steel. He mentioned a bicycle trainer or bicycle roller. If I remember right, it’s basically a bit of a contraption you set up with a real bike so you can use it as an exercise bike.

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