18 thoughts on “Rearmed with awesome

  1. Man, Capcom’s really pushing to get me to love them as much as I used to.

    It might be working.

  2. I can’t wait to Download this on the PSN. I’m really hoping it has trophies…

  3. @Reluctant Hero – On the official Bionic Commando podcast today they said that it would try, but if they do it would be a few weeks after it is released.

  4. Return of the Mack (once again)
    Return of the Mack (top of the world)
    Return of the Mack (watch him go)
    You know that he’ll be back
    Don’t you know.

  5. So, my exam results come back today and they’re good.
    Now I get to see this?

    What a marvellous day.

  6. Nice touch, that.

    Bionic Commando. Street Fighter IV. Mega Man 9. Is it too much to wish that Capcom might magically acquire the license to make Disney and Marvel games like the days of old?

  7. I’d settle for non-shovelware entries in their in-house series. I wouldn’t mind yearly Mega Man excursions if they were really well done. Speaking of Mr. Rock, the second set of Star Force games just came out too, with nary a whisper on the intertubes.

  8. Your twitter that the game is kicking your ass fills me with trepidation. But I’m sure I’ll pick it up anyway. I forget, was this one supposed to come with both the remake and the original in one download?

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