Change is in the air

Looks like the site has already begun the switchover to private hosting — web hosting has migrate, and MySQL should follow soon. I’m not really sure how this is going to work out, though, so please do not hate me if things suddenly go to crap around here. With luck, they’ll improve… if they get worse, though, please feel free to complain on the forums. You know, assuming they’re still working.

Edit: Uh, wow. At least so far, the main site’s performance has improved dramatically. Hopefully the same will hold true for Talking Time once the other changes take effect. Dear subscribers, you are awesome and make awesome things happen.

Edit again: Man, you guys are resource hogs, apparently. Maybe this isn’t going to work out.

Edit edit edit: OK, I think I’ve reached a point where the server is, dare I say it, stable and fast. We’re still waiting on the database stuff for the forums, but I think the difference in site performance is already appreciable. Peak GameSpite traffic always comes Tuesday around noon for some reason, so I’ll keep running at the current level until then and adjust as needed based on how things pan out after the traffic rush from the weekly updates. Anyway, if everyone goes well, maybe I can start making a reality of some of my Grand Plans. We shall see! Thanks again for the support, and for your patience while I try to sort out what works best.

8 thoughts on “Change is in the air

  1. Just because I hacked into your account and am hosting gigs of porn doesn’t mean I’m a resource hog….

  2. Maybe it isn’t going to work out? Are…are you breaking up with us, Parish?

  3. I think I got equal, if not more, Error 500 messages this morning than I ever had before. It seems to have cleared up now, though.

  4. Yeah, I’ve been tweaking resources to see what works. It seems to be OK again, but I think it’s because the server crashed and rebooted. So that’s not good. I have a set monthly budget for the site… we’ll see if it functions acceptably within that threshold.

  5. Again Parish, if i don’t get hired by PC World, and stay at my server farm job, I will happily let you use my server and bandwidth free of charge.

  6. Thanks for the offer. However, I prefer to distribute tiny pieces of this site’s future across the hands of many than make it entirely contingent on person’s employment at a job he’d prefer to get out of.

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