When were the nights so long

I can’t believe 2008 is already halfway over. It’s been a disappointingly crappy year so far; I’d really expected better from 2008. Instead, it seems to be taking a perverse pleasure in undermining my rapidly-plummeting hopes — every time I think it can’t possibly get worse, it does. Take today, for instance: I’d kind of assumed things were about to turn around and start improving, but then the drive recovery people let my girlfriend know that they won’t be able to salvage any of the several years’ worth of data on her hard drive after all. Oh, and that they’ll be charging us a few hundreds bucks for the privilege of knowing that they’re useless, thanks very much. This is where I’d normally say, “Well, at least it can’t get any worse!” But by now I know better, see. But enough of my lamentations. Have at you!

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Wow, Vantage Point is out this week. Now there is a movie that deserves an award of some kind! Maybe it could be a trophy shaped like a garbage can overflowing with sewage and the desiccated remains of human hope! Really, the failure of the film to live up to its trailers’ potential is worthy of some kind of horrible prize. Someone call the Nobel committee.
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This week’s column correctly calls out Magnetica Twist as being similar to Zuma, except actually the reverse is true. If for some reason you feel compelled to own this magnetic-ball game in some form, please support justice and righteousness and pick up Magnetica to support Mitchell (who created the concept) rather than developers that fail to credit their obvious inspirations.

14 thoughts on “When were the nights so long

  1. Guh. I intended to put in a line about Magnetica being the original, but plum forgot.

  2. “Hey! At least it can’t get any better!”
    “That’s not how it works, Ghandi.”

  3. Also, Wong Kar Wai is Chinese (Hong Kong), not Korean, as the column states.

  4. “When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make super-lemons”

    Umm what I mean to say is I hope things pick up for you soon.


  5. Bummer about the hard drive.
    But as Goats the webcomic tells us, making a super-lemon is not a good idea – it will only end up as a pile of existential angst at least as miserable as yourself.
    My graduate supervisor actually gave us a course in how to back things up, so familiar is he with the pain of lost hard disks. Makes me cringe it does.

  6. Another Trauma Center? Why haven’t I heard of this before? Time to get my masochism on.

  7. Surely, you’re building up some good karma by hosting this little oasis for gaming nerds? Where even the 14 years don’t act like 14 year olds. (Well, except for Tomm but what can you do?) Hopefully things will pick up soon.

  8. Why do I just assume that any current critically acclaimed film maker is from Korea? Dang.

    Double-dang: I was rooting for a happier ending to the picture thing. There are not enough sad-face smiley icons in existence to properly convey my unhappiness at this development. :(

  9. Slight mistake on theis part:

    “I blame Igarashi’s Dead or Alive influence for this decline.”

    Itagaki is the creator of Dead or Alive, Igarashi is the Castlevania dude.

  10. Mr. Parish, I’m trying to remember – has this year included any emergency room visits for you?

  11. No, we took care of that last year when she sliced open her hand on a mat cutter.

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