GameSpite Issue 8.2: A world without connective ligament

Star Ocean: The Second Story
I like to find common themes in the games I post each week, but Mightyblue had to go and spoil it for me by writing about the second Star Ocean instead of the third. This could totally be a week of collective hallucinations and false realities! But nooooo. Instead it’s about, uh, cooking. Also available: A series overview.
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Run! It’s New Games Journalism! Just kidding. This article has nothing to do with vegan burritos and spend almost its entire (brief) length discussing the game and its trappings and this has no relationship whatsoever to NGJ. Unless maybe it was written under the influence of hallucinogens! Also, not yet available: A series overview. Yeah, I gotta straighten out my priorities.
Also, I’ve finally re-added a links page to the site. Don’t weep if you’re not on here. I banged this out randomly from memory, and we all know my memory ain’t what it used to be at this point. To say nothing of what RSS has done to my attention span! I’ll add more stuff later when I remember what sites I actually frequent.

Since kicking off the subscription thing last week — please refer to the lovely images in the sidebar to participate! — I’ve received several common inquiries. Please allow me to address these now:

  • Can I just send some money once? Well, the idea behind a subscription plan is that a bunch of small payments can be split among the contributors for each issue. So one-time lump sums would kind of suck for everyone who writes the following month.
  • Do I have to use PayPal? I prefer to distribute the cash through PayPal, so yeah, it’s easier to keep it within the family, so to speak.
  • Geez, do you not want my money or something!? Hopefully the subscription plan is merely a temporary way to fund the site’s contributors, so I don’t want to go overboard with it. If you’re not keen on the system, that’s fine — just enjoy the weekly updates.
  • How can I write for GameSpite? The GameSpite wiki a limited-access thing, and I’m trying to keep the pool of authors manageable by only adding a few at a time. I also want to preserve the community-oriented aspect of the site, so I prefer to draw upon forum and comments regulars. That being said, I’ll probably put out a call for fresh blood soon, so hang on until then.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Someday, GameSpite will magically become a real boy thanks to your support.

18 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 8.2: A world without connective ligament

  1. OOh, thanks for the links. I especially like Gameroom Blitz and Insert Credit. These are the type of sites that make me forget to finish doing my laundry, or let my frozen pizzas go overcooked, and other such domestic disasters, but that’s ok.

    Also, as someone who’s not a huge fan of the Zelda series, Link’s Awakening is my favorite, and also happens to be the only one I’ve had the patience to play all the way through. Look forward to reading it.

  2. On the Star Ocean Series link: SO4 is coming for the 360 now, isn’t it, not the PS3?

  3. Hooray for FAQs! Thanks, Parish. All of my burning questions were answered. And that’s swell. Now to read the issue!

  4. I think Star Ocean is coming to the 360 first and then the PS3 at a later date. But I could be wrong!

    Parish! Ever think of making a hardbound issue of Gamespite?

  5. Curses, now anything I say in my intended Star Ocean 2 Let’s Play will be far less mysterious. I’ll have to make yet another revision to the first post I have saved.

    Star Ocean 4 is currently slated only for the Xbox 360 with a PS3 version still under consideration as far as I know.

  6. Some of the GameSpite contributors talked about perhaps putting together a dead tree volume of some stuff from the website and some specially written articles, actually. Parish was one of the few that didn’t think the idea had merit, though there are some logistical problems like ‘low-res screenshots look like crap’.

  7. Link’s Awakening is precious to me. Not just as my first Zelda game but as a reminder of a time when there was only one Zelda that everyone loved, before the schism that divided the series into Serious Epic Fantasy Zelda and Kiddie Cartoon Zelda.

  8. The suggestion was that it was a one-time deal only – kind of like a webcomic collecting the first year or so. Monthly’s totally impractical.

  9. Ummm, did I say monthly? Because I really meant quarterly, but the suggestion of yearly was good too.

    Parish, I don’t hate you!

  10. I’d love to write for Gamespite… put that Online Journalism degree of mine to work!

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