Two down

So that Mega Man 9 screen from last week was a filthy, ugly lie, but of course the game itself isn’t. I was talking last night to our overlord Sam Kennedy about how my ideal version MM9 would be an old-school sprite-based game developed by Inticreates, they who were responsible for the Zero and ZX games and curiously have nothing known in the works… but that I figured Capcom would probably farm it out to Backbone for a half-hearted 2.5D snoozefest. But no! According to this thread at (urk) GAF, the new Nintendo Power has a first look at MM9… an old-school sprite-based game developed by Inticreates.

So, between this and my causing the announcement of Wario Land: Shake It, I appear to be on a roll! Any requests? Remember, I prefer to use my powers for good, not evil. So no requesting Xenogears 2 — oh, wait, I said I’d stop doing that.

Edit: Scans are up at Rockman Perfect Memories. Totally illicit scans that as someone in the press should offend me, but um… Mega Man 9! Looking all 8-bit, too, which is good because the added resolution and animation of Mega Man 7 and later ruined the feel of the series.

So, next up, Chrono Break, perhaps?

Edit edit: In case you were wondering, Inticreates totally has 8-bit cred, as you can see from this rad Mega Man ZX Advent minigame:

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  1. Wasn’t Xenogears 2…Xenosaga?? Kinda?? Or what’s-his-face’s retelling of Xenogears as he truly intended?? I dunno, Xenogears is my “horrible game that I still like” like Kohler’s ‘Rule of Rose’ from the Survival Horror Retronauts episode, but I didn’t play any Xenosaga beyond the first so the story was lost on me.

  2. It’s pretty much the game every Mega Man fan would have created if they could. Except that since it’s by Inticreates, it won’t be amateurish and lame.

  3. My dreams have come true. Did you see the list of robot masters? It’s…interesting.

    Also, don’t tease me with Chrono Break, that hurts.

  4. I would like to think that Capcom held off all this time simply because they wanted to find or create a development team that wouldn’t screw it up. I wouldn’t have minded a more original work visually speaking, since I like Inticreates sprite work, but this is just as good.

  5. That dragon in the magazine scan spits out the fireballs from Fire Man’s stage in Mega Man 1. I think I need to go take a cold shower.

    Also: Splash Woman?

  6. I hope it doesn’t look just like an NES game. I like that they’re using the old sprites, since the new ones really were too big and had the wrong proportions, but I’d prefer to have more modern effects in the backgrounds and such.

    I might actually have to get a Wii after all if this becomes available in Canada.

  7. Of course Splash Woman. Inticreates always throws in a female boss or two. Didn’t their character designer get his start drawing lolicon doujinshi?

  8. Jesus Christ. This is actually happening. And since it’s CAPCOM and not Sega who’s doing it, then this won’t be screwed up. Wow, just wow.


    Wait, Magma Man? ANOTHER fire boss?…ah, they’ve probably done them all by now, right? And this opens up the doors for “new” 8 and 16 bit games too! Nice!

  9. I’d “settle” for Metroid Dread…

    RE: MM9, I’m cautiously optimistic yada yada yada…

  10. Oh man I hope it has 8-bit music too!

    I’ll second using your powers for Mother 3, if only to fulfill my obligations to the cult.

  11. I was more interested in what the new robot masters would be than anything else. Capcom have had about a decade to comb the dictionary for nouns they haven’t appropriated yet. The names look like a slight improvement over the last few games… except ‘Concrete Man’, which I absolutely cannot take seriously.

    Also, it has a female robot master. “And on the ninth game, Dr Wily created women.”

  12. Hmmm… if your up for granting wishes, and since Mother 3 has already been wished for, howabout another Goemon game? Or what the hell, one more Wonder Boy game.

    Also, what do you think Blizzard’s announcement is going to be?

  13. Stoked at how this looks. Further stoked that I will get to play it, as it will be WiiWare.

    As for Blizzard’s announcement: New Lost Vikings plz? Or maybe it’s just the announcement that the original is coming to VC. :P

  14. I’ve been calling for an online-enabled multiplayer Lost Vikings for years, but they’re not listening :(

  15. Wishing time? Okay!

    Shin Megami Tensei IV. On the DS. Using Etrian Odyssey’s engine.

    That should do nicely.

  16. Now that we know Capcom is listening to your thoughts, you should go all the way and wish for Mega Man Legends 3 harder than you ever have before.

  17. Why, so we could only have 25% of the Mother games localized instead of 33%?

    Nintendo hates you. Come to grips with it.

  18. “So, next up, Chrono Break, perhaps?”

    YES. Parish, use your amazing yet ultimately pretty insignificant powers of video game influence to make this happen!


  20. If by “Castlevania 3” you mean “Super Castlevania IV” then I’m right behind you.

    SCIV was the last good Castlevania game.

  21. @djSyndrome:

    I now imagine Nintendo hating me alone: Reggie makes me wake up on the wrong side of the bed; he ensures I never take a hot shower; he spits in my oatmeal.

  22. I’m sorry, Castlevania “4” is a great game, but it doesn’t come close to CV3.
    The only thing CV4 has better are the graphics and music quality. And I could maybe add that it was more action-y.

    CV3 has 4 characters, multiple paths with over 15 levels, a great variety of levels, extremely awesome music, magnificent graphics (for a NES game).

    If Konami gives us a REAL Castlevania 5, with CV3 type graphics, that would send nerdgasms across the Internet.

    If not, they could always do one with Rondo of Blood graphics. But that wouldn’t retro enough.

  23. I’ll take Chrono Break or Metroid Dread any day, but I’m going to have to ask you to make Nintendo give me Mother 3. I’ll even accept it on Wii Ware.

  24. Rondo of Blood qualifies as 8-bit graphics… but maybe not as retro, since IGA’s still recycling its sprites 15 years later.

  25. Hate to be a wet blanket, but this could still go either way. A return to form for Mega Man is not necessarily a good thing; the last game I played that used those graphics was not a fun experience. (Well…the last NES game. MM5 on Game Boy was actually pretty good.)

    A return to the good ol’ days, a reexamination of what made the games great in the first place, and an emphasis of gameplay over graphics — those are all great ideas. But this IS a company, and a series, known for churning out cheap, barely-distinguishable remakes, and 8-bit graphics tend to forcibly remind me of that.

    Truth is that I’d be a lot more excited if I saw a new Sonic game using the Genesis graphics than I am to see a new Mega Man game using the NES graphics.

    But ZX was pretty damn good, and I like this idea in theory, so I’m definitely hoping it comes out as well as you and the other commenters seem to think it will.

  26. How about a new Shining Force, or Seiken Densetsu. Either one aimed at the classic gameplay. Not more “anything but what made the games popular in the first place”

    Though I do admit that I was totally hooked on Legend of Mana’s crafting system.

  27. Yeah, I’m with you Thad – I question somewhat Capcom’s ability to do this right. Like you said, their history isn’t too great when it comes to remakes/sequels/etc. But still, it could work out wonderfully. And since is everyone else is doing it, well… I wish for more 2D Rygar!

    Also, the next Castlevania game is a 3d fighter. On Wii. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

  28. Metroid Dread (WiiWare plz!) or Chrono Break would be fine. The Mother series is completely unknown to me.

  29. I played through ZX Advent pretty much just to unlock that bonus game. it was worth it!

    I guess the game itself was kind of fun, too. icing on the cake, man.

  30. I’d take Chrono Break or a Mana series reboot (with someone who doesn’t hate FUN in charge) if I still had faith in S-E’s ability to make a proper game outside of the FF or DQ series (TWEWY notwithstanding).

    How about a Startropics 3? That would tickle me.

  31. Figures, we do the work, RPM gets the credit…

    We do have some larger images of a few of the screens, however.

    Wouldn’t have posted the magazine pics, but who would have believed us otherwise, especially after Rockman Perfect Memories perpetrated that hoax with the fake screenshot last week? We had to have some way to validate our claim, so we posted scans that weren’t legible, but definitely distinguishable.

    Even then, some don’t believe it.

    If anyone knows a better approach, I’m all ears.

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

  32. Who would have thought the most innovative thing they could was not innovate? It’s almost rebellious.

    Er, yeah. “Old school” Mega Man 9 FTW. I Heart Capcom.

  33. Oh man really? Didn’t they already make like six of these? I think it’s funny that a game everyone would have rolled their eyes at twenty years ago is a welcome relief from schizophrenic shitpiles. I’m not saying we’re wrong to be excited, I just think that if you sent this post back in time it would raise some eyebrows.

    I still want my Megaman X game that’s just like Symphony of the Night. Nobody makes games with that kind of scope anymore.

  34. Castlevania 3/Akumajou Densetsu style Castlevania totally seconded.

    I would also totally be up for new Zelda II and Monster World, the latter in the style of IV.

  35. The only depressing thing about this, is that I’m sure I’ll be terrible at it.

  36. Red Swirl: Easy there. One near-impossible request at a time, although I’m on the same boat as you are on the Megaman Legends love.

    And yeah, flaming dragon spewing Fireman flames? Aces all the way!

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