Blame yourself or god

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Mark your calendars — this may be the only time I’ve actually seen the pick of the week while our Noble Columnist hasn’t. Persepolis is a beautifully-illustrated and grippingly authentic movie, and I absolutely loved it. Now that it’s widely available, please do planet earth a favor and watch it. You will find it enlightening, I hope.
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The official columnist verdict for this week is boo on Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Me, I’m not quite so down on it. It’s not great — I gave it a B-minus in EGM — but it’s decent enough. I’ve been playing its predecessor lately, and the new release is an odd mix of improvements and steps backward. However, being able to suspend the game by closing the DS? Priceless.

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  1. Though I have heard mixed things about Alone in the Dark, I am in the mood for survival horror. Actually, I have been STARVED for it, as there hasn’t been much new out in that genre lately. Also, I just re-listened to the survival horror Retronauts. Quality stuff. Everyone should go relisten to that episode right now.

  2. If this were my column, I would have thrown In Bruges out in front of Persepolis. But it’s not, so it isn’t.

  3. Anyone who does not buy ticket to ride is forever apostate. It really is one of the finest boardgames ever.

  4. XBLA needs more board games. I welcome Ticket to Ride with open arms, and we should all get to together and play it ASAP.

  5. I’m going to second the recommendation for In Bruges. It’s not a life-changing experience or anything, but it’s an extremely well-made feature debut for Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. My hope is that if more people see it (by which I mean pay money for it), perhaps he’ll get a chance at the funding for another film.

  6. Glad to see I’m not the only one that hates Final Fantasy Advance. I SALUTE YOU, SIR.

  7. I don’t care what anyone says, the only purchase I’m making this week is the new Futurama movie. How can anyone that visits here NOT be excited about it? (Persepolis was quite good, but it can wait.)

  8. Well, Calorie, I actually wrote the column (and made my pick) before I realized that Futurama was on the release list. I normally don’t feature direct to video fare so I almost missed it! Anyway, part of the decision making process for POTW is what will make a rad banner — and A2Q has already had a rad Futurama banner from when the previous title was released, so that tie-breaker went to Persepolis. As far as In Burges, I’m excited about it and will be seeing it soon but having not seen it I didn’t really consider it. Especially since the trailer I saw was pretty awful. :|

  9. Well…that’s ok, then. But you’re supposed to be the DVD guy that’s on top of the releases! I’ll give you a pass this time, but if this happens for the third Futurama movie, there wil be hell to pay, robot.

  10. That’s what I keep telling people. But they’re too busy sulking about Bs and A-minuses to listen.

  11. But, Jeremy, do these games get a chance for extra credit at the end of the semester?

  12. I thought the letter system was meant to make the system clearer and prevent all the sulking.

    Keeping the + and – in the score was a mistake, in my opinion. I just don’t see the need for that much delineation. Worth playing and not worth playing is all we need to know, really.

  13. I never liked buy/rent/skip because, to me, buy and rent don’t really convey the quality of a game. That is, a game could be great, but short and so you could get everything out of it in a rental. Or a game could take awhile and be merely decent. I like the idea of a three-rank scale, I would just call it good/ok/bad or something like that.

  14. I simply like the worth it/not worth it design, like in Retro Roundup.

    But if that’s too simple, well, I kinda like the system that EGM uses (used to? haven’t read it in a while) for big E3 previews and whatnot – with the little Space Invaders guy with a range of 4 emotions. IIRC, it’s awesome, good, meh, and terrible.

    This would do well with reviews, methinks.

  15. You can still say “rent” with the qualification of “because it’s really short and there’s no replay value”. I like the simpler, non-graded systems as well. If anything, it’ll make folk more likely to read your review to find out WHY they should buy it, rather than reading whatever they want into numbers or letter grades.

  16. I enjoyed the original Tactics Advance. A2 looks like more of the same with a better judging system, better graphics and a slightly weaker story. Sold. (After Etrian Odyssey).

  17. I picked up FFTA2 yesterday and played a few hours of it. So far it pretty similar to FFTA1, which I enjoyed but was not in love with. The original PS1 FFT is one of my all-time favorites, and I’d love to see a true sequel to it.

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