I like thy buggy

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I rather enjoyed Be Kind Rewind, not least of all because it means I’ve actually seen a movie being covered in this column. Without question, the best part of the film was the “sweded” videos, and if this week’s DVD release doesn’t contain a massive gallery of bonus sweded outtakes, it’s a complete waste of the home video format.
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I’ve liked Etrian Odyssey since I previewed the original, despite having no knowledge or preconceptions going into it. I didn’t expect it to become this crazy fanatical underground cult hit, but I love that it has. However! Please do not overlook Space Invaders Extreme this week. It’s really much better than any Space Invaders game has been in… decades?

8 thoughts on “I like thy buggy

  1. Man, what an awesome week for handheld gaming. I’ll be picking up Etrian Odyssey and Space Invaders Extreme (PSP & DS). Oh yeah, I’ll pick up the Spore Creature Creator too!

  2. To be honest, I miss the anime releases. Always figured they could easily be rolled into the DVD releases since they are, y’know, DVDs themselves.

  3. yep, space invaders extreme looks great, i’ve just been waiting for the u.s. release. the best previous installment (in my opinion, naturally) was the pc engine one, which also had powerups and a bit of graphical reinvention.

  4. Two more weeks for Space Invaders Extreme for those of us in Europe, I look forward to it :)

  5. If that girl’s hair was pink, the New Game + preview image could easily be for a kind of chibi FFTA.

  6. “Plus [Samurai Shodown] had that weird green goblin guy.” That was Gen Shiranui (with his big ole Freddy Krueger glove on steroids). I liked the Samurai Shodown series but for me each subsequent game keep adding design changes that I didn’t like. Number 4 was the point where I stopped liking the series and didn’t play it anymore.

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