I’ve joked a few times lately about being the Senior Editor of Metal Gear, but it’s kinda true. Now that I’m done covering it, I found myself spending a fair portion of today sitting around wondering what I should do with my time. I mean, I have projects to work on, but I need to reconfigure my brain first. I feel like a spy who’s been in deep cover and needs reprogramming before being repatriated.

Especially since I’m couching things in terms of espionage.

And let’s not even think about the fact that I dressed as a cardboard box today. Yeah.

9 thoughts on “Pause/reformat

  1. Ah, but don’t forget…. interview with Kojima for EGM Afterthoughts!

    Just kidding. Kinda. Honestly, as a reader, I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the coverage, so I can’t even imagine what it must be like to actually write all that.

  2. You jest, but I’ve deliberately made Saturday plans so I don’t have to do precisely that at the Metreon. Enough’s enough!

  3. Hm…

    Sounds exactly like the kind of environment that I would anticipate would lead to the kind of “iffy” game coverage I’ve come to expect. You know the kind, the kind that gives 10s to every high profile game, then leads to people like Garnett Lee slagging the games off two weeks later as being utterly unworthy of discussion, with the unstated or stated premise that no one really liked it anyway.

    Get a grip gaming press.

  4. Wow, awesome. That BoingBoing write-up was hilariously purple. I always thought gamers were the only ones who stupidly conflate criticism and journalism. Apparently not!

  5. “let’s not even think about the fact that I dressed as a cardboard box today”

    Guard dogs, beware them.

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