Dennis Rodman’s excellent gun-running adventure (aka Eye Have You)

Ah, compulsory trips to weddings. Is there anything better in the whole world? Right now I’m staying at my girlfriend’s best friend’s sister’s house, somewhere in the suburban McMansion fields a few miles from Dulles International. My presence appears to have inspired the eviction of a five-year-old girl from her room so I can sleep in her bed. It’s very small, and surrounded by rather lurid shades of pink on all sides. On the whole, I’d rather be at the office.

Speaking of which, the latest Metal Gear Solid 4 thing I’ve done over at that one other site I sometimes write for is a detailed preview of the game’s Drebin Shop. No, I don’t know why Kojima named a guy who circumvents weapon security lockouts and owns a soda-guzzling monkey in a mylar diaper after the klutzy detective in the Naked Gun flicks. Probably for the same reason he does everything: He likes movies, wants to make movies, and feels compelled to include a shout-out to every movie he’s ever seen in his games. Fair enough.

Another satisfied Drebin Shop customer surveys his handiwork.
The preview is, of course, about 25% “load of crap” by weight. Chee, will the Drebin Shop spoil the gameplay by making things too easy? Or will it work out to be OK? I wonder! But please do not let the man behind the curtain spoil your morning.

16 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman’s excellent gun-running adventure (aka Eye Have You)

  1. This really isn’t meant to offend, but your posts have been really sardonic and cynical lately. Is this whole jaded thing recent? Was the MGS thing the straw that broke the camels back? Is there a possibility that you’ve got one foot out of the door with the game journalism industry, or is this just venting frustrations?

  2. I just hope this means there’s a way that Snake can hypnotize Reggie Jackson into shooting Liquid Ocelot.

  3. So this is the first time I’ve posted anything here, although I’ve been lurking for more years than I can remember.

    Anyway though, since it is making the rounds on several sites (but without much in the way of details), how much truth is the “multiple 90 minute plus cutscenes in MGS4” statements? I know that you can pause during them, but if they are this long is there like a fastforward or rewind or chapter stops? I hope answering this question isn’t against any NDA with Konami. Thanks.

  4. The b.s. made me smile.

    …oh, and, uh, this game sounds like it’ll be pretty good!

  5. Dennis Rodman. That’s gotta be there on the list of phrases or names I never thought I’d read at gamespite. Of course, I never thought I would ever see one of the NBA’s top rebounders in a wedding dress, but here we are.

  6. AgentNein:

    While I’m sure there are recent experiences that may have soured some of his mgs4 writing on his personal site, while his *writing* may sometimes come off as jaded and cynical, Jemery is one of the most disarmingly nicest people I’ve ever met.

  7. Jemery is very nice, it’s his evil twin Jeremy that you have to watch out for.

  8. I don’t believe you, shawn struck. I once played a game of Halo with him, and all he was doing was spawn camping the other team while I was trying to make a platforming game.

    Ohh wait… that was me.

  9. I’ve never known Parish not to be sardonic and cynical. It’s part of his dark charm. ;)

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