Purple Haze prose

Apparently Ubisoft’s oft-delayed shooter Haze is being utterly reamed by the press. I don’t care one way or the other, since I don’t have anything like free time to mess with iffy games, but I will be paying very close attention to the fallout from this. Ubisoft has been known to take their toys and go home when reviewers pan their releases, but this seems like an awful lot of publications to give the silent treatment. However will they cope?

But enough snark! Have at you. Since no one wanted my super-awesome deluxe PC Engine Duo package, I’ve broken it into its components:

Yeah, I’m gonna go cry in a corner now. So please help make this effort worth the heartbreak.

11 thoughts on “Purple Haze prose

  1. Man, your Turbo Duo was gone before I could even put a bid on it. But oh well, they paid $35 more than I really wanted to pay for it anywa.

  2. Yeah, that was alarmingly quick. I’d kinda held out hope that no one would nibble again and I could keep the system, but alas, no. On the other hand, I can pay rent next month.

  3. My money’s on Ubi shutting down Beyond Good & Evil 2 because most of the press probably wants that to happen.

  4. Unlikely. It was published by Quest, which was long ago absorbed into Square Enix, which doesn’t do much with Virtual Console.

  5. Dang, I was really interested in that Turbo Duo. Though I’m shocked by Rondo. from $100 to $25 so quickly? Wow. It’s just for bidding of course, but…

    I don’t think we can base the flaying of Haze by a grand total of two reviewers. I mean, EGM gave it three and see what happened!

  6. Holy crap, Haze was made by FREE RADICAL?! Whhy are they working on awful looking generic space marine games instead of making another Timesplitters? :(

  7. Greliz, always good to see another Timesplitters fan out and about. I thought they were pretty much shelving the series, though.

  8. Man, and I thought Haze was gonna turn out good from what I’ve seen of it, which admittedly isn’t much.

    And I’m totally going to be watching all three of those PC engine auctions, and bidding unless prices rise high enough before I do so. Hopefully my bids, which are generally about what the market pays, are high enough to make the heartbreak worth it. Not that this necessarily means much or anything – I’ve placed bids on like six of your auctions, and I don’t believe I won any. But hey, it’s the thoght that counts, innit? (actually, not in this circumstance, I reckon)

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