Pauly Shore would be jealous

I’m gonna be pretty sad if I ever have to move away from San Francisco. It’s such a great place to live, not least of all because the city is a sort of self-regulating organism — a naturally temperature-controlled environment to put the Bio-Dome to shame. Case in point, the city toiled under an unusually scorching 90-degrees-plus heat wave last week. (For some reason, 95º Fahrenheit feels much hotter here than it ever did in Texas — maybe because no one owns air conditioning?) And then… the fog arrived.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before, but the way the city cools itself automatically once the temperature climbs high enough never ceases to amaze me. Since the fog hit, it’s been cool and overcast with highs in the 70s and lows about 50 degrees lower than last week’s peak high. I’m pretty sure that when they designed this city, they built it with me in mind.

10 thoughts on “Pauly Shore would be jealous

  1. But let’s not lose our focus on the real question at hand here:

    Does that fine establishment in front of you really have everything you could ever need? I mean, all I really need is cheap cigarettes, but what about you?

  2. But you never get to enjoy it because you’re stuck inside an air-conditioned office writing about bloody video games. Just once, couldn’t they let you write about baseball or something? Perhaps go and road-test the DS and PSP in various pleasant outdoor environments?

    Park: B+. Pool: A-. San Diego Zoo: B.

  3. Because some of us like to see the sun shine once and a while and wear things like shorts or t-shirts. So-cal coast FTW; Hawaii is beautiful all year round as well.

  4. Well, my last post seems kind of silly; a response with the original message deleted looks weird.

  5. We had our fans going full blast last night and it didn’t seem to cool off at all. Send some of that fog down here!

  6. Argh, Phoenix just hit 100 for the first time this year.

    Know anyone out there who needs a Java programmer?

  7. No a/c in San Francisco? I don’t think I can survive seeing how I must stay at a cool 75 degrees at all times. It’s kind of like the movie speed except with tempature and a whole lot less suck.

  8. “Know anyone out there who needs a Java programmer?” If by out there you mean California / San Francisco, then no. But if by out there you mean anywhere including the mid-west, then I might know some people.

  9. I live just close enough to San Francisco to enjoy all the heat and none of the fog! splendid!

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