Impressive… most impressive

Have you guys seen the Clone Wars trailer yet? It’s amazing how lifelike the animation is. They’ve managed to capture the vacuous lifelessness of the prequel trilogy cast perfectly.

21 thoughts on “Impressive… most impressive

  1. “Prepare to see Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before.” First off: hack line. Second: Aren’t we being a bit disingenuous, fellas? CG made the last three movies. The only difference now is that these characters make commensurate facial expressions to their respective lines.

  2. Haven’t you heard? You’re not allowed to make machinima without ripping off Red Vs. Blue. It’s some sorta law. Like how all sprite comics have to copy Bob and George or 8-Bit Theater.

  3. If I thought Lucasarts was capable of making a decent lightsaber action game outside of the Jedi Knight series (and let’s face it, even that was just alot of backpedaling), I would say that it looks like a pretty neat video game.

    Let’s get Suda 51 over to Skywalker Ranch.

  4. “Look in the background, Cloud confirmed!”

    Someone’s been reading my fan fiction!

  5. I think the character designs are based on Genndy Tartakovsky’s, but he didn’t have a hand in it otherwise. (Kinda obviously; his sense of motion and posing is, uh, a little different from this foolishness.)

  6. “Kinda obviously; his sense of motion and posing is, uh, a little different from this foolishness.”

    Yes. His sucks, this blows.

  7. You know, seeing this has made me realize that making Anakin Skywalker go Sith because of his Padawan would’ve been infinitely more interesting than what actually happened.

    But then, you can say that a lot about the prequels.

  8. Its like an inverse of the uncanny valley, but with the same results. Bravo George Lucas.

  9. Now the question is cast: How much will you require to Thumbnail Theater this gem?

  10. I’m actually kinda looking forward to this. Maybe just in that MSTK3 kinda way, though.

    Hell, I’ll give it a shot.

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