PC Engine of destruction

So… it’s probably going to be mid-June or July before my soon-to-graduate girlfriend finds work and I am no longer supporting two people, in San Francisco, in the midst of a sinking economy, on a game journalist’s salary. Needless to say, I am looking forward to mid-June or July! In the meantime, I think I am going to take the opportunity to cut down on some physical possessions I like but don’t actually need. Stuff builds up over the years and I don’t need it all. As usual, before I put things at the mercy of eBay, I’ll dangle it here in case anyone who happens to read this is in better financial circumstance than I am. For now, I think I should sell off my PC Engine Duo and games.

Edit: I think I will try my luck with eBay. Thanks anyway, kids. I’ll be sure to play the crap out of these before shipping so’s to be able to write ’em up.

15 thoughts on “PC Engine of destruction

  1. So, you’re selling bootleg copies of NES games?

    I’ll give you twenty bucks for the lot. I’m willing to go higher if that’s not enough. But hey, they’re bootlegs….

  2. Man I’d love to offer you my economic stimulus check for that lot!

    But I have a girlfriend as well…and she’s got plans for my check which involve a trip to home depot or worse yet IKEA.

    I think you should post them over at http://chasingthechuckwagon.com. There a great site with auctions sort of a “for game collectors, by game collectors” I always try to put up stuff on there when I can becuase I want to support the site.

    They could use a nice infusion of Turbo Duo stuff.

  3. Dracula X? Surely not the game you purchased from Pink Godzilla, to the sounds of cheers, during PAX 2006?! How could you!

  4. My game design professor might be interested in Rekka. I’ll send him an e-mail and ask.

  5. So many memories in there. Do you have to sell ALL of the stuff there? I suppose Dracula X is alright, with it being on the Japanese VC and all, but Magical Chase and the other rare ones that may never get remakes?

  6. No, still not sold. I intend to kill the post if that happens. And if I’m selling the system, not much sense in keeping the games….

  7. Whoa, Brandish? I thought I was the only one that had that…

    Good luck Parish, I’ve recently learned how it feels to have no expendable income :(

  8. You need to let us know when this goes up at auction because I would buy the HELL out of your PC Engine CD games.

  9. Hopefully Fausette Amour, Magical Chase and the others will get their rereleases so your purchases won’t have been in vain.

  10. I hear you, t-frog. I live in the Bay Area, too, and my wife and I are expecting our first baby in September, so let’s just say that the ol’ gaming budget is about to be severely…curtailed (I think GTA4 might be my last hurrah for a good long while). And I’m in the process of selling off a lot of my old stuff, too (mostly Saturn and Dreamcast stuff — check out seller “twilightsf” on eBay periodically if you’re interested). It’s tough times all around.

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