11 thoughts on “Just to let you know

  1. This is funny, but I don’t know why…maybe it’s the careful placement of italics? The thought of an incompetent Obi-Wan piloting a ship? Or that silly head strap? Or Ewan McGregor’s old-person makeup?

  2. I’m so sorry that we made you do this. Then again, you brought it on yourself.

  3. Actually, it’s fun. This sort of writing is very different from the kind I normally do — rather than create a sustained narrative I’m tossing together a bunch of isolated quips and rewriting them over and over until they start to approach something similar to humor.

  4. Humor? I think the screenplay speaks for itself. Or, perhaps it’s just the brilliant *cough* acting.

  5. “I am working on it right now.” Is that a spin on the Phone Booth “I’m aiming at you right now…”?
    I doubt it is, but that’s what struck me as I read it.

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