Just stars and indigo gas

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For once, I have to disagree (strongly!) with the game of the week choice. Not that I doubt Persona 3: FES is worth every penny! But it is, ultimately, an upgraded rerelease of a game that wasn’t released so long ago; meanwhile, The World Ends With You is something sincerely new and unique. Of course, Persona’s likely to be underproduced, so… get both.

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And while I haven’t seen this week’s DVD pick — yeah, I know, shock shock — I disagree with the contention that Cloverfield‘s cast is intrinsically hatable. They’re idiots, yeah, but they played their role perfectly: They were a group of freaked out kids with just enough disregard for common sense to make the plot possible. Smart, sensible kids woulda made for an awfully short flick.

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  1. FES has a lot more hype surrounding it, so that might attribute to its status. That, and just how darn good the vanilla version was. In any case, it’s too bad there can’t be more than one pick of the week – The World Ends With You looks like one of the more interesting games to come out of Square in a long time.

  2. I think TWEWY will get more attention elsewhere on its own due to SE’s more sizable fan constituency and brand presence.

    And RCR a Double Dragon clone?

  3. Just a heads up for those of you who don’t know; Sublime is a pretty kick-ass movie, that everyone should totally check out, Blu-Ray or not.

  4. While I realize that it’s important for the characters in Cloverfield to be incredibly stupid in order for the plot to move forward, why couldn’t they at least be a little likable? I wasn’t really terrified by the thought that they might not survive their experience with the monster.

  5. I just read that HG101 write-up about Summon Night the other day. I need to go play those especially since they contain my favorite Ralph Wiggum quote.

  6. I haven’t seen Cloverfield on DVD, but I guess the experience might even be better and more “truthful”, being a videotape recovered from the scene and all that.

  7. I am so psyched for Valkyrie of the Battlefield. I’m pretty sure it’s been announced for US release, but not with a date yet. So…. pretty…

  8. Kirin: Valkyrie of the Battlefield announced for US and EU release this fall. Sega had a booth at San Francisco’s Cherry Blossom Festival and were looping the trailer.

  9. Not to be all iconoclastic here, but am I the only one who thinks Persona 3 is about four times as long as it needs to be? I think it’s great in concept, but it was starting to feel like something of a chore after hour 30 or 40. I’ve been on hiatus from it for the past month or so due to this, and the prospect of an extended version doesn’t exactly excite me.

  10. @Kevin: I’m not sure about it being too long or not, but there’s definitely a lull during the middle, around where you are. It picks up a lot afterwards though, so it’s worth pushing yourself through it.

  11. Well, that’s good to hear–makes me less pessimistic about the whole thing. I definitely intend to finish it someday, but I suspect it’s going to remain a lower priority over the next couple months, what with GTA4 and all.

  12. About Taiko No Tatsujin 7 — the package doesn’t say that it’s the 7th installment; it says “Taiko no Tatsujin, Big Adventure of the Seven Islands.” Plus, in the arcades I think we’re up to double digits in the series now.

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