Ninja-kick the damn rabbit

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As usual, I haven’t seen the columnist’s pick for movie of the week. As usual, though, he makes it sound incredibly enticing. I have, however, seen Juno, and I found it quite enjoyable. But then, I hung out as the honorary guy in the sarcastic weird girls group — presumably my shoulder-length hair fooled them — and (like so many things) Juno made me nostalgic. Uh, teen pregnancy aside.

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I like the fact that the longer these weekly columns run, the rantier they become. My innocent young columnists are learning a hard fact of life: The longer you’re exposed to the things you love, the more cynical you become due to the grim reality behind it all. Farewell, naivety of youth.

8 thoughts on “Ninja-kick the damn rabbit

  1. Tangentially related: why do people always gripe about how sick they are of realistic racing sims when there’s, like, two of them on the market? (And what’s wrong with Forza 2, anyways?)

  2. I approve of ‘Til the Devil Knows You’re Dead as pick of the week. Everyone should see it.

  3. I love that “I won’t buy it unless you get an achievement for driving into the volcano” thing on Battlezone.

  4. “impressive mainly because they’re releasing four titles in one month”

    Yeah, because none of Atlus’ April releases are good games in their own right at all. Oh wait, yes they are.

  5. I don’t think that was his point. I think his point was simply that we rarely if ever see the company release this much material at a time, period.

  6. Honestly, I couldn’t really tell through all of the cynicism that dripped down through the GT5 rant ^.^

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