Oh noooooo

Oh, yes, my young apprentice. Thanks again to everyone who helped reach the first Thumbnail Theatre reprise about 29 days faster than I had hoped. Now I guess I gotta watch Episode III again….

16 thoughts on “Oh noooooo

  1. Who would have guessed Jar-Jar would be the most likeable character in the prequel trilogy?

  2. Parish asks the Internet for a thousand dollars, and he gets it after only one day. Am I the only person deeply terrified by this?

  3. I guess lurkers are good for something after all. Either that or someone went crazy with the donation button.

  4. @Lumber Baron: Wow. How in the hell did I ever miss that? I never knew the Dark Side loved Detroit so. I guess it makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

    And Parish, any ideas on what model of bathtub you’re planning on buying to swim in all this money? The internet will pay anything for your pain.

  5. What percent of the donations are going towards the development of Megaman Legends 3?

  6. Did you see those fresh Steampunk Star Wars action figures floating around on the net?

    Come on! Steampunk R2-fucking-D2!! You can’t tell me that doesn’t put a smile on your face.

  7. I’ve only ever donated to two websites: Achewood, and Gamespite. And I “work” for Gamespite, so I’m not sure that even counts.

  8. Yeah, that was well-intended and thoughtful, but also sort of moot. I’ve refunded your money.

    The steampunk Star Wars designs are really hit-and-miss. Basically the heroic cast (bar Obi-Wan) looks terrible while the villains are brilliant. Vader doesn’t look sufficiently menacing… until you notice his scale.

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