Throwing up in my mouth (but for a good cause?)

Ah well, I suppose it was inevitable. We’ve succumbed at last to something I hoped wouldn’t be necessary. But then I saw the true state of my girlfriend’s finances and realized I’m going to be paying for rent, bills and food without any help for the next few months. Fortunately she graduates soon and should be able to roll right into a decent job on the strength of her portfolio, but until then… lean times ahead. So! Let’s make this site worth my while rather than a drain on my finances. And while we’re at it, let’s also make it worth the contributors’ while, too:

Incentive: For every thousand bucks that accumulates, I’ll write and publish a new Thumbnail Theatre. Starting, I suppose, with Star Wars Episode III and Metal Gear Solid 3. All donations will be divided among myself and the site contributors, with a slightly larger amount going to the weekly columnists. I’m not putting a dollar amount on the donations, so if you just want to send a buck, knock yourself out.

20 thoughts on “Throwing up in my mouth (but for a good cause?)

  1. Upon jumping into PayPal I discovered that my account has been taken over by someone with an address in Thailand. Now that I have to go through the process of confirming my address (by mail, as I don’t have a land-line) I thank you for helping me come across this situation.

    Donation may be delayed, but it will be on its way.

  2. Can we vote which one is more interesting?

    Cause I’m kind of over the Star Wars thing but Metal Gear never gets old.

  3. You’re aware that we internet types are bastards right? The only time we can be coereced into generosity is when we think someone will suffer for it. You saw what happened to those poor fools who did the desert bus fundraiser.

    I will donate, but only because the idea of you toiling over a thumbnail theater fills me with spiteful laughter. I suspect others are planning on doing the same.

  4. OMG a thumbnail theatre would be so worth a donation. Let me go find a credit card. After all, that is what got me to onto this site.

  5. “You’re aware that we internet types are bastards right? The only time we can be coereced into generosity is when we think someone will suffer for it.”

    One word for you, sir: Brandish.

    JP, if you wanna set up a subscription thingamajig I’ll send you a couple bucks a month until you’re on solid ground enough to take it down.

  6. Does this mean that you’re against the idea of some kind of merch we could order? ‘Cause honestly, I’d be all about getting something with a vintage JP design on it, ToastyFrogged or no. Actually, if you ever make a t-shirt with the soup hamsters on it, I’d probably buy 3 of them.

    Anyway, if you did something like that, I’d be very willing to pay up front before any printing was done. If you’re against that kind of idea, then maybe I’ll just kick a few bucks into the till.

  7. I donated but I’d like to fly my nerd flag a little higher with some gamespite mech, I mean merch, I mean mech merch.

  8. Guys, shipping stuff is a giant pain in the butt.


    Hence the need for bigger ticket items, say a T-shirt at $20. Or even a nicer shirt for $25-30. I’d pay it, and you’d get more bang for your shipping hassle.

  9. No problem, TGAKAFD! JP’s an excellent kind of person who has helped bail me out of similarly dire situations in the past. I’m happy to throw a few bucks his way.

  10. I’m also a fan of the Cafepress idea, although I’ve happily given a donation in expectation that JP will never cave.

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